The Wii U is the most underrated console ever

No one would say that the Wii U was a commercial success. Actually, scratch that, no one aside from the most rabid fanboys would make such a claim.

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ShadowKnight1802d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I love my Wii U. Nintendo first party games are still appealing to me. Mario and Kirby games never gets old too me. Currently playing Zelda:Twilight Princess HD

slate911801d ago

Of all people you probably didnt need to put a "tbh" after the xbox one jab.

iplay1up21801d ago

I hope you played Xenoblade X! That game alone is worth the purchase!

ShadowKnight1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

One of my favorite games on the Wii U!

Zeldafan641801d ago

I'm assuming you've played the original Xenoblade. If you have which one did you like better?

Zeldafan641801d ago

I got Twilight Princess HD the day it released but I'm holding off playing it until a few weeks before Zelda U/NX comes out.

iDadio1801d ago

Basically a 1st party games machine. If you like yet more Mario and Zelda then its a great console for you.

If you like variety in a 3rd party library then there's little else the WiiU can offer you I'm afraid, never got the support it needed.

RosweeSon1801d ago

Haha variety in 3rd party being assassins creed/far cry from Ubisoft and FIFA,NBA, NHL battlefield and cod from Activision each and every year... Yawn, got my ps4 if I really wanted to play any of that.

iDadio1801d ago

Yeah it got the casual stuff, but what about acclaimed multi platform games such as Dark souls or Witcher?

But with what your saying it sounds like your WiiU is a second console which is the case for many people, I know a fair few people who have a WiiU as an extra console but nobody who has it as their main.

rjason121801d ago

I have it as my main cause most of my favorite franchises are Nintendo franchises and since they rarely go down in price (sometimes going up) I get their console first, then at the end/beginning of the next gen I pick up an Xbox/PlayStation at a low price and pick up all the gems on those systems for 5-20 bucks since that's how low they tend to go within a year or so lol.

RosweeSon1801d ago

Yeah fair play the great multiplatform stuff of course but and I know it all helps but me personally not interested in yearly churns on Nintendo consoles.

Zeldafan641801d ago

RosweeSon basically said what I was going to say. There really isn't much variety in ANY of the games from 3rd parties. Nintendo at least changes up the gameplay more between iterations of their franchises than 3rd parties do, or Sony or Microsoft for that matter. I'd say the best games Ubisoft has put out in the last 5 years have been Child of Light and Zombiu, Gamepad integration in Zombiu is so good.

wonderfulmonkeyman1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Correction; it's an exclusives and indies machine, not a third party multiplat machine.

Its selection of exclusives and indies is great; third party multiplats, not so much.
And it could have gotten last-gen games like Dark Souls, but third parties quit trying after their initial efforts were done too horribly to sell to the Nintendo fanbase, let alone to gamers outside of Nintendo systems that buy systems FOR third party multiplats.

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EddieNX 1801d ago

I love my WiiU and it has loads of must play games. I feel sorry for people without a WiiU, you've missed out, your loss not ours.

And yes I'm well aware that the PS4 and Xbox one are both fantastic...

DarXyde1801d ago

I'm willing to bet most critics haven't even played it, but the double standards are interesting:

With a Nintendo platform, you're guaranteed the most first party exclusives pretty much. People can use it as their exclusives machine and that makes perfect sense; I do it. You might, too. But then you get people complaining that it's weak when PC runs circles around the consoles. If power matters that much, build a rig. And the people who say it has no variety on its first party exclusives when Xbox gamers aren't really doing juicy better in that regard. Seriously, Forza Horizon 3 is considered a "leak" now.

I own a Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4. I use PS4 the most because it's the best platform for my tastes, but it's sad when double standards are at work. If you don't like Nintendo, just man up and admit that. But even when they do cool new things like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, and Splatoon, it's largely ignored outside of the existing community.

I just wish people were more honest with themselves. Today's gamers are an unusual lot.

EddieNX 1801d ago

Agreed. It's like some people seem to dislike Nintendo or think its uncool or whtever. But when you make one of the assholes sit down and play a WiiU you see their eyes light up wnd you can tell they're realizing that its actually awesome.

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