Quantum Break’s PR Head Talks Necessity to Move to New Games to Pay the Bills; Not Working on Mobile

The process of moving from a shipped game to the next is quite interesting, and often different depending on  the developer or on the publisher. Some immediately move on to full development or have projects already well in the works on which to move the team members that are done with the previous game, others downsize and move to several months or even years of pre-production, more take a stance more or less in the middle between the two.

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Herbalistic1799d ago

I really hope people aren't upset that Remedy is doing what it needs to keep bills paid.They are an independent studio and are free to work with whom ever.

Abriael1799d ago

People will always find something to be outraged about, especially with some studios that get identified as target. Remedy is a good example, and we all know why.

YinYangGaming1799d ago

I think it's the assumption people are making that their next game will be a Sony PlayStation exclusive whereas it's more likely to be a multiplatform deal of sorts. They're independent and an excellent studio, I hope they don't get hate for this.

ninsigma1798d ago

I can't see them not developing on pc tbh and seeing as they have a good relationship with Ms I doubt they'll leave them out and hurt that. I'd say multiplat on everything unless the new publisher does a deal with Ms to make it windows/uwp exclusive.

Abriael1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@ninsigma: while I doubt the new game is gonna be a PS4 exclusive of sorts, even if it was true, it wouldn't hurt their relationship with microsoft. That's not how it works in this industry. Independent companies work for this or that publisher, and people don't exactly hold grudges.

Just look at insomniac. They worked for Sony for ages, then they did a multiplat for EA, then Sony again, then they did an Xbox One exclusive with Sunset Overdrive, next Ratchet on PS4 only, now they're working on a multiplat for GameStop, and who knows what they'll do next.

ApocalypseShadow1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I finally agree with you abriael. In between all those pictures you dump on the site, it finally happened. Either that or its because I just woke up. Lol!

A very factual, common sense answer. Good post.

ShottyatLaw1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

People will complain about anything in their console war, and Puha just shut down the whiners pretty swiftly (especially those trying to draw lines between Remedy and Naughty Dog). I'm liking this guy. Kudos to not announcing too soon, as well.

So no Alan Wake, no Max Payne, no VR, no mobile, no ND collaboration, and they clearly struct some deal for their next game before QB was shipped, received any metacritic scores, or sold whatever number of copies.

So what theories are left? My guesses: A Rocksteady-esque partnership with WB to bring a comic/TV/movie property to a multi-plat game and a MS-funded QB2.

andrewsquall1798d ago

Even they are aware that the 6 years it took to make the sub par Quantum Break just wasn't worth it. Now if only their hardcore fans would admit that.