Nintendo Announces Special E3 Activities

This morning, Nintendo announced that it will have some special events planned for fans during E3. The first of which actually starts today.

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link2Dpast1793d ago

Has there been any speculation of a surprise showing of the NX? I personally think in some shape or form it'll be there and my guess would be in the showing of the new Zelda game. I just can't grasp them showing the inevitable inferior version being the WiiU, at least give us the NX version so we can see what it's bringing in terms of power.

jonrhoades871793d ago

The only place that NX will be is behind closed doors I bet. It's obvious that Nintendo will do their own event some time in the near future (with Zelda NX). I wouldn't worry about power, its supposed to handle current gen ports with little to no problem according to one of the trusted insiders on Neogaf.

3-4-51793d ago

* Nintendo is saving stuff for their own Direct they will have 1-2 months after E3.

I'm thinking around Late July or August there will be an NX exclusive Direct showing it off, and then another one for more future 3DS/Wii U stuff.

I could also see there being a few smaller kind of good surprises from Nintendo at E3 but nothing huge.