Uncle Gary's Costumes Trailer

Trailer for Saints Row 2 with Uncle Gary's Costume Trailer.
The Trailer features Police Uniform, Hotdog Uniform, Ninja uniform and more.

The games release is:
North America - October 14, 2008
Australia - October 16, 2008
Europe - November 7, 2008

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Silogon3752d ago

Gary looks like a crazy, drugged & drunk, missing his med's, pay day loan window shopper that the entertainment industry brings out of his cage on chains to do a promo every once in a while.

Oh, wait, he is... I love Gary, though. Guy is something else. I love where he went off on the little girl who tried to get him to do a shout out at the Oscars. hahahahaha, man he destroyed all of her hopes and dreams and role modles in one sweep.