Pre-E3 is the New E3

Sven Wohl writes: "There’s been a trend when it comes to E3 during the past years: More and more game announcements are leaked days or even weeks before the actual show is happening. For this year’s E3, several games have been leaked already: A new version of Skyrim is coming, Watchdogs 2 was leaked via ads on Twitch, Injustice 2 has already a promoposter up and The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2 seem to be pretty much confirmed too. Oh, and apparently we’re getting a new Dead Rising! Now, while all these leaks are quite exciting, I wonder if they represent a good or bad thing for the show?"

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Gaming_Cousin1799d ago


Shinobi leaks are legit.

Many other leaks are on purpose.
This is the same s**t like Black Friday where companies are doing sales earlier. ..l.. to the people who break the tradition