Why Microsoft needs Xbox’s new “Scorpio” model

Mid-generation hardware upgrades have become the talk of the town amongst games press and fans alike. The move to make current console iterations more powerful isn’t entirely new as we’ve seen the likes of Sega and Nintendo attempt this before in the form of clunky add-ons via small, swappable slots. However, the rumours surrounding PlayStation and Xbox are radical by comparison and downright unprecedented. As E3 draws nearer, more rumors and speculation on both the PlayStation 4 NEO and Xbox One Scorpio have emerged.

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Ashby_JC1793d ago

Im surprised there isnt a backlash. For me it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that after soending $500 at launch...less then 3 years later new consoles are coming out!!??

MS abandoning Kinect already pissed me off as it was a wasted purchase. Now with a new console coming my XB1 to me at least will feel outdated even more.

So I just went forward and did what I was planning to do prior to buying a XB1 and that was build my first gaming PC. Spent around $1400 and glad I did it.

My XBL expired and im not sure im going to renew it. I havent turned my XB1 on except to power on my TV and stereo. I may just sell it to help fund a new 144hz monitor.

Never thought this day would come that I dont want a console. Maybe its a phase.

Aenea1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

If the rumours are true it releases next year which is 4 years after launch of the X1...

And there can't really be a backlash yet since it's all rumours at the moment, I'm expecting some of that to happen afterwards tho...

BlackTar1871793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Oh yea so why did we get the backlash over Neo Rumors? There was article after Article after Article about how terrible it was. Why the free wait and see for American company and american media with MS?

I can't believe you would try and blame PS4 fanboys fo thte US media smear campaign of the NEO. LOL that's rich

ULTp0ltergeist1793d ago

Potentially from fanboys mad that PS4 Neo would mitigate PS4 sells since they're on a roll. To me it's becoming more clear this is Microsoft's idea and it might seem Sony is playing catch up. Xbox Team have always been hinting to some type of hardware ecosystem almost couples years now.

Aenea1793d ago

Hey, I expect a backlash for the Neo too, but doing it now already seems rather pointless to me...

Eiyuuou1793d ago

Oh please, there certainly was backlash against the Neo.

This whole mid-gen upgrade leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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TFJWM1793d ago

Building a PC is good but why wouldn't you wait a couple months till the new gen of video cards came out...

Goldby1793d ago

money may be a factor for him.

TFJWM1793d ago

@Goldby if it is even more of a reason to wait. With the power of the new cards old ones will plummet in price

Ashby_JC1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )


When I decided I wanted to build a PC the GTX 1080 and 1070 was in the forefront for PC gaming news.

I could have waited and made that purchase. But I figured for what I wanted to do a OC gtx 980 Ti (used btw) would serve me perfectly.

I could always sell it. And get a 1080 down the road.

I wanted to build my PC now for real. No regrets.

andrewsquall1793d ago

Even the new Cortana on Xbone won't use Kinect proving once and for all Kinect was NEVER needed for voice controls on the system. It wasn't a phase, there are a lot of people out there like you. I have some ex-Xbox friends that did it too (for them they were too proud to go back to PlayStation after shitting on it for the last 7 years, even games like The Last of Us).
It pretty much happened the day after 20th February 2013/all the way up to a month or 3 after Xbone launched. Something to do with 8GBs GDDR5 or something. :)

Just like with you, it took some of them a longer time to accept the gargantuan f*** up that occurred in Xbox camp even going ahead and buying the actual shocking undepowered 500 quid next gen console with the accessory most of them didn't even want.
Not sure what you mean by "Never thought this day would come" though. Are you saying you only noticed the insane screw up with Xbone's architecture and hardware choices now in June 2016?

vishant1011793d ago

As an engineer your lacking some fundamental understanding about how this voice control stuff works. So the kinect processes the speech on and internal chip meaning that none of the xbox power is used for speech. So when you remove that it means that cortana voice controls are processed on a server else where meaning you need internet connection or else it uses computational power on the xbox when offline. Kinect outside of gaming is a pretty incredible device and it does add something to the system. Does the price justify the gains well now that's everyone's choice to make.

Lennoxb631793d ago

"Even the new Cortana on Xbone won't use Kinect"

Umm, where'd you get this from? It will most definitely be using the Kinect. Its just not restricted to the Kinect.

Kiwi661793d ago

Weird then that ms have said that in the next dashboard update for xb1 that includes cortana that you can talk to her by either using kinect or a headset , so do some research before spreading false info

poppinslops1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

If the Oculus partnership is a thing, Kinect would almost certainly be used for head and hand tracking, voice commands and such... with all of Microsoft's talk about forward compatibility (not to mention Cortana's integration), it's the most logical choice.

That's assuming you're interested in VR.
Otherwise, I don't see why the Scorpio's existence should be an issue - so long as the games are optimised for both versions, it'll be fine... if the leaks are to be believed, it'll basically be a cheaper version of your PC.

jessionpc1793d ago

You know what breaks MY balls? This is what these consoles should have been like almost 3 years ago. Jesus, these are supposed to last around 6 years, it doesn't make sense to release, "NERXT GERN", technology that is 4 years out of date, that has to last another 6 years. They should at the very LEAST be competitive on release. Not bleeding edge, but at the least, competitive. "I didn't even know stores SOLD 5200 rpm HDD's anymore!!!" I haven't heard of a pc gamer use 1 of those since... Jeez, early 2000?

But hey! Now people who bitched about price at release? And cheered for the, "it HAS to be 400 or less", camp?... Aaaare, "well, a fair few of them at least", bitching because NOW they want more power! But are ANGRY to pay another 500 dollars?!... Why didn't we just ALL pay 700 dollars for the ps4 in the FIRST PLACE?!?!?... And before, "Man not EVERYONE has that much money.", I bought my first high quality gaming pc when I was 16. On part time WALMART wage back when min wage was 6 dollars an hour in Canada... Balance your life. Your phone costs more than my mythical 700 dollar ps4 does.

And now? We get a mid gen refresh, when we should have just moved onto the NEXT gen, we are stuck with 8gb of ram for how long?... This refresh is certain to lengthen the cycle... GREAT!...

I just hope when the ps5 drops it has more than 16gb of ram... It would be nice to not have to cringe when watching shit pop in and load all the damn time and have to stare all the, "industry secrets", in the eyes that scream, "this toaster sucks"...

WickedLester1793d ago

"I just hope when the ps5 drops it has more than 16gb of ram"

Why do you need that on console? I can understand on PC with the OS overhead but on console I can't image why 16gb of RAM is even necessary.

Ashby_JC1793d ago

I feel that what Sony and MS are trying to do will have some long term negative effects on console gaming.

This gen more then any I can remember has been about Resolution and Frame Rate.

So much so that has it spurned this mid gen refresh??

I mean for Sony they are selling plenty of units...why upgrade? Is it because MS was going to do it first and they had to do something? Maybe we will find iut..maybe we wont.

I myself have been gaming since my pre 43 and im not interested in spending ANYMORE money on another console after 3 years with the current ones.

Last gen was WAY to long...I was pressed for a new console. But now im like dang...they really may drop new hardware!!

So for me it just made it easier to go forward with what I wanted to do years ago and build a gaming PC.

Matology1793d ago

Good for you, PCs are worth the money in the long run.

Ashby_JC1793d ago

Im enjoying it so far.

Was exciting to build it and power up with only one issue (cpu power wasnt plugged in all the way)

I have a feeling I will have a hard time playing on consoles the more time im on PC games. We shall see.

I look forward to see what happens at E3!

susanto12281793d ago

The way things are going I don't blame you...seems like Microsoft is just doing what PC gamers do every time they want to upgrade their PC's they upgrade their components...only MSFT and PS are doing the choices for my mind that is just WRONG because you know you ain't getting the best parts just the cheapest$$

Sunny_D1793d ago

With Neo, it seems Sony are still staying relevant to current gen. Scorpio, altogether looks like MS once again abadoning their console to move quickly to the next gen.

sammarshall1021793d ago

It'll be backwards compatible with Xbox One games and the power increase will be well worth it

BossBattle1793d ago

I bought 2 Xbox One consoles day one and I'm not mad at all. MS has to do what they have to do. With people saying Xbox is dead what did you expect? For them to die? No they are resurrecting stronger than before. That what a big company does. Then they'll have a story to tell on how they bounced back.

BlackTar1871793d ago

The company has provided lackluster support for their current system. They provided lackluster support for the last couple years of 360. Why ar eyou behind them on this? They have a long history now of not supporting their consoles to the same levels of even the Nintendo consoles. it's insane to me.

BossBattle1793d ago

@BlackTar187 I'm supporting Xbox because it's the American brand. Sony has let me down too, including the shutdown of psn for a month. I haven't forgotten about that. This is MS's 3rd console so there haven't been enough consoles to say they have a history of not supporting their consoles. Why would we still get free games with gold on the 360 and backwards compatibility if that were true? You obviously don't have a X1. So don't worry about it.

lokirevamped1793d ago

I for one will gladly buy all new consoles that come out. I prefer a system that allows me to change my FPS + Screen Resolutions without any hit to current models. A lot of people don't realize that PC's have been doing this for years.

medman1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I didn't buy the xbox one, even though I usually buy just about every damn system available....there was too much strange business going on over there. I never bought in to their "cloud" talk, I didn't buy into Kinect being integral to the xbox one, even when they insisted it was, and for the life of me I couldn't understand how they were charging 500 dollars out of the box for a system that was less powerful than the PS4. Add that all up with the lack of exclusives from Microsoft from 2010 on, especially when compared to what Sony was bringing....I let my xbox live subscription lapse, kept my ps3, 360, and picked up a ps4 while upgrading my pc. I haven't regretted it a single day.

If Microsoft gets it right with Scorpio, I'll be back on board. If the Neo is good, I'll pick that up too. The Xbox One just didn't appeal to me from the start.

Ashby_JC1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I let me XBL expire this week and at the moment have no reason to buy another year.

Im enjoying learning about PC gaming....just finished Gone Home ///got it for like $3.00. And been wanting to play Insurgency. Paid $15 but could of gotten it for $3.00 also. No yearly fees to play MP!

I have overwatch on rent for XB1 but havent played it. Most likely will get it for PC $30-40 range.

I will sit back and see whats announced at E3.

freshslicepizza1793d ago

backlash would be appropriate if they stopped supporting the xbox one in favor of the scorio. is there any signs of that? and what are the chances of this coming out this fall, that would be 3 years?

mEATgrinder1792d ago

It's no phase. It's how mobile phone companies operate. You still use hard line do you? Pooooosayyyyyyyyyy

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S2Killinit1793d ago

Will it divide the market though is the question.

BlackTar1871793d ago

no only neo divides the market and slaps it's fans in the face. Scorpio is more like a fan cooling it's consumers off cause it's OOOOOOO so cool.

sammarshall1021793d ago

I'm glad both are upgrading

I can't imagine how great games will look and play with 4 times more power than the Xbox One on the Scorpio

It's going to be amazing

objdadon1792d ago

Lmao! How the hell does the neo, a 1.5 upgrade slim divide the market but a next gen xbox scorpio console doesn't in only it's 4th year? GTFOH with that $#!t! And to top it all off, i don't even have to buy the next xbox to play it's games because i already have a pc. And why the hell would anyone in their right mind buy the xbox slim that suppose to be announced this e3 when the rumored scorpio suppose to come out the following year? Seems like that ass whooping sony is putting on Microsoft has them dazed and confused. They don't know what the hell they even want to do.

Pogmathoin1793d ago

It will divide the market, and fanbase. For both it is a bad move. I am normally as day one buyer, but not this time round.....

garrettbobbyferguson1793d ago

Yes. But MS needs a new xbone "meme" to compete with Sony's new "meme" machine.

Pogmathoin1793d ago

Thats about the only thing right here.....

ninsigma1793d ago

I think the fanboys need it more than Microsoft need it.

I think they'd just be better sticking with xbox one and carrying on with their windows 10 integration plan.

MetalProxy1793d ago

I agree...don't they have magical cloud power? You know the power of ten xboxs in One? No need for upgrade right.

sammarshall1021793d ago

No they need a fresh start Xbox One is a great console but it has been plagued with hate

With the Scorpio Microsoft will right their ship under Phil Spencer

JoeDG1793d ago

I am a Day one User on both Consoles and yes i want it...
I want a more Powerfull Console. I want to use 1080p+ on my 4K tv..
I hope for a good trade in opportunity and will upgrade.
I understand people to be mad but Technology changes and u can stuck with older Tech 1,34 tf or 1,84 TF or upgrade to 4,2 tf or more... All the Games will be accessible on both, only with different Resolutions und fps.

BlackTar1871793d ago

You will have paid more for the system then the first party games for the system. Now you want to do it all over again? Wow

lokirevamped1793d ago

I make more than enough to support my gaming habit.

lokirevamped1793d ago

I agree. I am ready for the new.

BlackTar1871793d ago

Making more or not enough is irrelevant but okay. I make more then enough to support my habit all of them and then some and a family etc. that doesn't mean i'm okay with just getting shafted.

Ashby_JC1793d ago

I can afford to buy whatever I want ...and like you i refuse to buy new hardware 3 years into this gen.

Pancit_Canton1793d ago

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Rude-ro1793d ago

Microsofts slogan for years

Phill-Spencer1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

That's their philosophy. That's what microsoft is build on.( bill gates stealing steve jobbs ideas and using it for first windows)

Rude-ro1793d ago

"Do not sell what consumers want, make consumers want what you sell" Bill Gates

Goldby1793d ago


So true man.

Xavy1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Thats a perfect word for MS right know. They are even spreading controlled rumors about a console to release next year because they got caught off guard with the Neo Again, and again they will fall behind. This shit is so funny!

sammarshall1021793d ago

With the Scorpio being rumored to be 2 tflops more powerful than the Neo I can see many people buying it instead

Goldby1793d ago


They are aiming for 2tflops more. key word is aiming.

i have a log with a usb cable in it, and im aiming for 320gbs of transfer from my phone into the log. doesnt mean its gonna happen

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