Why I'm Rooting for COD:IW Over BF1: : 3 Reasons

Call of Duty and Battlefield have been going toe to toe with each other to become the most fan favored first person shooter for about a decade now, and in the long run, Call of Duty has been the winner if sales are to be considered. Though the COD trailer may have been one of the most disliked videos on YouTube, and even though Battlefield has gained some of the most positive attention lately, here are some reasons of why COD:IW may trump BF.

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DonkeyDoner1794d ago

and the 3 reason not to choosed BF 1

1794d ago
Summons751793d ago

Strangely those are similar to the reasons not to buy any COD

1) Activision
2) Activision
3) Infinity Ward

Themba761793d ago

sorry but activision is far worse

Sunny_D1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I don't know man. After that whole Battlefront season pass debacle, EA and Dice as well have left a sour taste in my mouth. Dice has been dropping this gen compared to last gen. Terrible BF4 launch, Ruining Battlefront, Mirror's Edge being lackluster. Oh and they have an arrogant attitude when they insult the other company on their reveal trailer and don't even show gameplay of their own.

sullynathan1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

@SunnyD Don't say that. Don't you know you're supposed to love Battlefield here and ignore its problems while hating COD & Activision?

spicelicka1793d ago

Isn't battlefield 4 still one of the best MP games this gen, after all this time?

WellyUK1792d ago

no it's a piss poor battlefield game. Overwatch and the Garden warfare series are the best MP games this gen.

sullynathan1792d ago

Not at all. Game is a mess

annoyedgamer1793d ago

Same for COD, I won't buy either.

sackboyhappy1792d ago

i'm not sure who's worse, EA or Activision, they're both bad

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Majin-vegeta1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )


Say no more.

quenomamen1793d ago

He first choice for a name was
Too bad it was already taken.

ONESHOTV21793d ago

lol somebody call the ambulance i think someone just got hit

Summons751793d ago

"I have mentioned in the History section above that COD has always added something fun, and by that I meant in terms of gameplay."

This makes your whole argument completely mute. COD has literally been the same thing since COD 4. Same bland story, same broken multiplayer, same children screaming obscenities, same bland gameplay.

I'll take BF1 over CODIW any day simply because they are doing something different then the modern/slightly future warfare. Not to mention BF has had consistently better gameplay over Call of Duty since the beginning.

Spurg1793d ago

Stop generalizing cod like doesnt do anything new. Bo2 and bo3 are easily some of the best fps games out there.
Plus the most important thing about cod is its fun, batllefield simply isnt.

Summons751793d ago

Blops 2 and 3 had really bland stories, get out of here. Also whats new....certainly not more zombies and nuketown version 920000

Herpofderpopol1793d ago

Regardless of story even, they are very ok. There's nothing special about cod. Battlefield at least can say it has the most variable situations with the combo of weapon types that actually serve specific functions unlike cod, as well as vehicles and destructability. And if you can find cod fun and not battlefield, then I just feel bad for you, what could you possibly say about cod that's more fun? Funny how you defend it and then don't explain what it has done differently too.

SirCharles1793d ago

Yeah, Black Ops 3 with it's muddy looking mp, supply drops, and campaign that runs like dirt on all plarforms

Paytaa1793d ago

The only good Black Ops was the first and also has the title as the last great CoD game in my opinion. Black Ops 2 and 3 represent almost everything Call of Duty shouldn't be, specifically BO3.

Battlefield has had a better track record of consistent gameplay throughout it's entire lifetime.

If by new you mean changing the CoD setting to futuristic to shoehorn pointless and unwanted gimmicks, then yeah Call of Duty is great at that. The fact the majority want a remaster of arguably the best Call of Duty over the newest game speaks volumes of where the series stands currently.

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KingIceSonic1793d ago

"Same children screaming obscenities"

The game has a mute button. Anyone with a brain who actually played the game knows this.

Khaotic1792d ago

That's funny you say that because anyone with a brain doesn't play cod crap anymore

KingIceSonic1792d ago

Oh no someone likes a game that I don't let me be immature and insult them!!!!!. Seriously dude you are acting no better than the people you are calling out

sullynathan1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

It's quite ironic that this guy makes a comment against cod yet everything mentioned applied to battlefield too. What was the last battlefield game with an actual good story? You can't say any because the series has never had a good story let alone a good campaign. Look at all the children that play BF3 & 4. Look at how fucking broken battlefield 3, 4 and hardline are but let us ignore that because this is N4G and we must be biased against cod.

Battlefield gameplay has been the same but getting worse. Moving closer and closer to corridor shooting and less destruction.

Battlefield 1 will have that same gameplay but a faux WW1 setting

1793d ago
PixelGateUk1793d ago

' Battlefield has never gone futuristic but it has been modern and it seems EA has listened to the fans.'

Battlefield 2142 says hi

TheColbertinator1793d ago


Exactly lol. Just realized how many COD fans are 12 years old if they never knew about DICE making 2142.

Paytaa1793d ago

Still hope for a 2143 In the vein of BF 1943 someday.

Ickythump311792d ago

ah you beat me to it by a mile! 2142 was so much fun.

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