CoD Infinite Warfare using dated engine

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is shaping up to be a modern day horror story with it becoming the 2nd most disliked video on YouTube it seems that there’s not much more that could go wrong. Well, there is.

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freshslicepizza1795d ago

activision is all about making the most profits it can.

Deadpooled1795d ago

They still use that old dilapidated Quake 3 engine?

d0x3601795d ago

Yep still using the quake 3 engine with some obvious enhancements made to the rendering pipeline. Just like Bethesda and gamebryo which they started using in morrowind and still use in fallout 4 there comes a time when the old core powering the game becomes rotten and needs go be replaced.

Funny enough right now id has the best shooter engine on the market. Runs on everything, scalses amazingly and is smooth. Too bad Bethesda won't license it to anyone but it does mrsn Bethesda could suddenly find themselves king of the shooter genre. The next COD sized franchise might be in development right now and ironically it will also be powered by idtech

nitus101796d ago

Yes, my first thoughts were "That's not going to go down well with the fans".

From the trailer, the graphics looked pretty good but we all know that there can be a big difference between a trailer and actual gameplay.

Sunny_D1796d ago

Oh no what will I ever do?!!

dillydadally1795d ago

You know, in all honesty, I think Cod games get too much flack for this. It's quite normal for a studio to keep the same codebase for years and continuously evolve it. Even when companies say they have a new engine, a huge percentage of the "new" engine is likely based off of their old engine. The code IW uses now has probably been iterated upon so much that the engine is quite different from MW1. I mean, look at how long Valve used the Steam engine (hint: longer than the IW engine), and I didn't hear much flack over that.

1795d ago
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quenomamen1796d ago

And in other news water is wet.

DiLeCtioN1796d ago

LOL I couldn't give a flying f%$^ am just interested in COD4 multiplayer.

frostypants1796d ago

Then go play any of the COD's since Modern Warfare. They're all the same.

saywat2471796d ago

dont play yourself cause cod 4 was and still is the best cod multiplayer wise

vickers5001796d ago

None of the CoDs after MW1 and 2 were like CoD4. They were mediocre. Mw1 was a mp masterpiece.

jessionpc1795d ago


I swear the COD fantards are just as fkn stupid as FIFA fans.

Same game, different season, every game, every season.

Shit. I'd be ashamed to be a developer for that franchise. They must have VERY low self esteem to do work and take it like that.

I'd. Rather. Flip. Burgers.

Simple life, simple honor.

Artemidorus1795d ago

Then make sure you go on eBay and pay the highest price you deserve to for supporting such drivel.

XboxInnovation1796d ago

Infinity Ward with another L

Sweendog0071796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Forget the game engine right now. they need to get the basics right then you update your game engine. People are sick and tired, i know i am, of this moving call of duty from a tactical shooter game to an all out brawl game. The basics are broke. The prestige system is now pointless with the introduction to micro transactions. Once you level up you get a permeant unlock, so after levelling up 5 or 6 times you then have your class set for the remainder of the game , all you got left to get is cameo which is rather stupid now, good idea but adding bright flames to it is stupid, especially if its a dark level or snow. the perk system is broke too now, Black ops 3 the perks were pretty much pointless because of the special weapon you get and the wall jump movements, same in advance warfare. Remember you used to get pro perks and you had to do certain things and reach a certain prestige to get them? what happened to that?. The levels are now built around jumping and wall running, whats the point in ladders now ?, no one uses them, not only that you can't even have a tatical battle with the use of flash bangs, even better c4 on walls, claymores at stair cases ? remember that stuff, it was tactical. now people just jump up throw flash bang and then shoot. The dlc content is a waste now as its just re masters of old maps built for the new ear , like wall jumping in black ops 3 and eco suits in AW. Ghosts was suppose to have the right idea by destructible levels, yet only a few levels had it and it made no difference to the game at all. good idea but never used proper. the perks make no sense either now, flat jacket means you can walk through up to 4 missile attacks, withstand the biggest explosion ever, it should be control where you withstand some things and only certain types of weapons can kill you one shot. Everyone at the army has some sort of flat jacket why make it a perk?. The most important thing though is the stupid add on stuff like baseball bats, swords, skinny people that you can't even see. the customisation of your character is dull and is basically just changing colours ... i want to be able to my guys beard, hair, hats, glasses, gloves boots etc .... The point is this is what needs to be fixed first , stick with it for 2 years then use a new game engine to update graphics and explore stuff. Its suppose to be a grounded shooter not a all out arcade game. The call of duty 4 game, if it is exactly the same will be played more than infinite warfare because thats where they made call of duty ... thats where stuff worked, everything i stated above was in call of duty 4. Ps the game companies need to stop sucking up to and start being honest, highlight the issues no one likes and stop giving it 10 out of 10 ever year .... If they can't get it right next year they may as call it something different and re brand the call of duty franchise , thats the way its heading ... and also drop the zombie stuff its not resident evil.

Sweendog0071796d ago

has to be said, the stuff in call of duty is broken needs fixed, not the game engine you need a basic game to build on 3 years with the same game engine then use a new game engine ... adding stuff like bats and swords to a shorter, zombies, wall jumping , they have run out of ideas

nitus101796d ago

You know, people would read what you wrote if you broke your rant down to smaller paragraphs. What are they teaching in schools nowadays?

Sweendog0071796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I went on a rant , couldn't care less , I was going to put it in a blog but got sick of reading articles that blame the game engine talk the back off of call of duty and then give it a 10 out of 10. And your one of those people who read my rant so thank you. Lol

Kallisti1796d ago

Lulz, did you just call camouflage cameo?

AnubisG1795d ago

CoD was never a tactical shooter. It was always an arcade run and gun experience.

Goldby1795d ago

heres a thought. Get battlefield one

Channel-Live1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Cliff's notes anyone? I stopped reading after he said COD used to be a tactical shooter. That's a joke. I remember playing in the Modern Warfare beta before telling people how amazing this new game was and all I recall hearing on my headset was NOOB TUBER. Doesn't sound too tactical to me. It was always a twitch fest and never tactical. Rainbow Six is tactical not this. Learn the difference

RosweeSon1795d ago

They haven't got the basics right in all these years, as for dropping zombies I know some people who only buy it for that.

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