Did Neil Druckmann make a deal with the devil?

Did Neil Druckmann make a deal with the devil sometime between Uncharted 2 and The Last Of Us?

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ArchangelMike1793d ago

Brilliant article. A very good read. I can;t wait to see what ND does next... and yes I hope it's The Last of Us 2!

nveenio1792d ago

I feel like I've seen all I can see of the world of The Last of Us. In the first game, we saw multiple cities and skylines, the wilderness, and even a diverse plotting of characters. If they went back into that world, I feel like it would all be too familiar. I mean, people complained about Uncharted 4 being too formulaic, and it's the best achievement in games. The Last of Us 2 really couldn't bring much more to the table. That's why I wish they would go Western or Space, but with Mass Effect and a likely Red Dead reveal on the horizon, I can't imagine them wanting to enter those genres. So The Last of Us 2 is almost a guarantee, if even to just play it safe. I just think that Naughty Dog has so much more to offer us.

If I could have anything, I would have them craft an episodic rendition of Stephen King's The Dark Tower.

jukins1792d ago

I understand what you're saying but you could say that about any game especially one with a sequel. It's up to the developers to make the familiar fun and worth playing

generic-user-name1792d ago

I think it's just a tad bit too early to presume to know anything about TLoU, for all we know it could take place in a different time period or in a different continent and it'll surely have a different cast. And you say they played it safe with U4 and yet call it the best achievement in games? I think ND have more than earned us giving them the benefit of the doubt no matter what they do.

As for Dark Tower, that would be an awful game and the last 2 books were pretty bad, it's bad enough it's about to be butchered in Holllywood.

Sweetbrandigirl1792d ago

You really didn't get that TLOU was about Story and about the Character arch and theres plenty about the character stories we don't known. I'm Still hoping we get to fill in the 20 yr gap between the night Sarah died and where the game opens in Boston. I'd also like to hear Tommy's story and find out why he and they went their separate ways. I'd also like a change to play as Tess I really liked her and felt her arch was way to short. Then theres Bill and Frank I'd like to hear more about their story. So yeah theres tons of milage left in TLOU.

Retard1792d ago


The Dark Tower could only be made by the likes of ND. Good call, and I'd flip & preorder ASAP if they made a game post-books.

InTheZoneAC1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

on one hand you say U4 is too formulaic BUT YOU THINK IT'S THE BEST ONE IN THE SERIES. And how else is Uncharted supposed to be, it's Uncharted...

on the other hand you then bash the idea of a TLoU sequel. I'm not sure you even understand your own post.

Skankinruby1792d ago

Because zombies hadn't been done countless times as well? They can take any existing concept and turn it into a masterpiece, the last of us is living proof of that. I would love to see naughty dog take over other genres.

Channel-Live1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

The Walking Dead has been on for over 5 seasons and still has great ratings. They have been in this same world since the beginning. It's not about the set pieces all the time, but the people. We gave a shit about Naughty Dogs characters. Why do you think people felt like they knew Drake and Sully personally. You cared when you saw Joel start to look at Ellie as his family. There's so much more they can do in this world, but that also shows that you have no imagination or the fact you might get bored too quickly

victorMaje1792d ago

Can't believe you got disagrees for speaking your mind.
Western or space game by ND would be incredible!

nveenio1792d ago


*I* didn't say U4 was playing it safe. Other people did. I think it was brilliant.

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-Foxtrot1792d ago

He made a deal with Anita Sarkeesian?

UltraNova1792d ago

You are asking for it dude...

OT: Great read(finally) keep posting pieces like this guys!

johndoe112111792d ago

Don't know why you're getting disagrees. He's actually a big supporter of anita, but I know how it goes around here when you have facts that can be easily verified but your opinion is unpopular.,

Aither1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I was a huge fan of Druckmann until I found out what he did, even wrote a report on him because I believe he is such a great developer. However that respect has vanished a great deal when I found out he aligned himself with Anita Sarkeesian. While I still believe that he is a great developer as Naughty Dog has masterpieces accompanied by his talent, the fact that he would betray the gaming community to follow a feminazi movement led by the biggest lying money grub this century is beyond words. For him to make the judgment that Anita is a legitimate source of information is completely asinine and I would urge him to watch those who have called her out on her blatant sexism on numerous occasions from those with articulate rebuttals to her nonsense like Thunderfoot and Sargon of Akkad among others that don't give into the SJW lies. I cannot deny that Niel is a great developer, but the fact that he changed the ending of Uncharted 4 based on what Anita Sarkeesian says has made me lose all respect for him as an individual.

Aither1792d ago

Oh and Foxtrot, you weren't wrong in your reference. It is just there are a lot of ignorant fanboys out there that don't have a mind of their own when it comes to comes to making a judgement on matters like this. I have been one of the biggest fans of Naughty Dog since Jak and Dexter and Druckmann is the reason why I took such an interest in not only the games that were being developed but the developers themselves. So it came as a huge shock that someone who had a hand in Chloe and Drake interactions from Uncharted 2 and what could be considered all the sexual innuendoes from that masterpiece that would make Anita blow a head gasket has now come out as a fan of hers. It is very hypocritical to say the least and perhaps this sudden change along with the current 180 that happened with David Jaffe in his recent conversion to feminism, perhaps there is a little something more sinister afoot at SONY than we think?

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zcmilano1792d ago

What's great about the article? Doesn't even relate to the premise of its title. A complete ramble.

Channel-Live1792d ago

I want to see ND take on an espionage game. Mission impossible/Covert type of stuff.

attilayavuzer1792d ago

TLOU's story feels finished to me. The uncertainty of it feels appropriate. Not sure what they'd do with a sequel...

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Tctczach1793d ago

When they have a team that talented and a group of writers that strong it should be hard to mess up. They are pumping out nothing but quality so good on them.

C-H-E-F1792d ago

I do agree, but every game they start they only have the "core team" the rest of the "cast" is added on some rehired most new hires. It's interesting that they are able to keep this success going because their team changes constantly. well the added cast not the core team. lOl

kneon1792d ago

Like any software project, the core team forms the culture of the group. As long as they maintain their typical level of quality then the rest of the team doing the more mundane grunt work will have to step up or be canned.

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blacktiger1792d ago

That's where you are wrong! You can have the best programming in the world and still fail. Sometimes communication is important as programming. So no! It can fail even in a perfect world!

C-H-E-F1792d ago

As some of you may know, I own my own mobile applications company and this is the key to our success. A great communicator to a subpar programmer is better than a know-it-all any day of the week. Actually "know-it-alls" normally are isolated to career builder somewhere haha. As @Blacktiger said I totally agree communication is atleast 70% of ND success.

fdkenzo1792d ago

I canot wait to see theyr next project

TwoForce1792d ago

I can't wait for ND next game !

Sunny_D1792d ago

Naughty Dog are my all time favorite studio. They're the dev that makes me drop everything I'm doing and find out what new bombshell they're about to drop on us.