Toys to Life @ E3 – LEGO Dimensions Predictions

With E3 just around the corner, Mon Amiibo predicts what will be in store for the LEGO Dimensions franchise at the show based on recent reveals and rumours.

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NukaCola1797d ago

I would like to see Futurama and Mad Max worlds in the game. I think Futrama would work really well as a level and Hub world. I think they will add something for the Lego Batman Movie and expand a bit on that. The concept of letting the new Ghostbusters in this (outside maybe a fun pack with female characters) is absurd.

This really is a good opportunity to pull in Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and get these back into the Lego World.

Bringing back Harry Potter and expanding on it would be great. I hope they make the puzzles in the next installment a little more. dimensions never had collecting ingredients or key puzzles in it with items. It was all switch and power based. They should broaden that.

Gremlins, Adventure Time, and all those silly extras are cool. I don't know if a whole world on Gremlins works though.

Would also love to see Spawn as a character and Clash of the Titans as a world.

End of the day, I really loved Lego Dimensions. Platinumed that stuff and look forward to more and more of it.