So Bad it’s Good- Turok: Evolution was Intense!

Banished to the bargain bins and almost universally condemned by critics, Turok: Evolution is remembered in the public’s eye as the retarded stepchild of the Turok series. Released in 2002 for the PS2 and GameCube, the Xbox port was eventually canceled for North America after reception of the game reached developers. However, some of us …

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crazychris41241794d ago

I loved the game, just put on the cheats and screwed around for several hours.

ONESHOTV21793d ago

this was my game back in the gamecube day we would have the 4 controllers hooked up and played MP for hrs i wish they would rmake this

Zjet1793d ago

I loved and still love this game, played through it on Gamecube about 4 months ago, pretty solid game too be honest, few difficulty spikes here and there but really fun and neat setting.

Hoffmann1793d ago

Why did you shoot the harmless Stegosaur :(

Tedakin1793d ago

Not afraid to see I played it and beat it. They need to make a new Turok and do it right. Something like Doom.