Fragments of Him Review | Xbox One UK

The strangest thing about playing Fragments of Him isn’t the darkly realistic story or minimalist art design, but the fact that it features a British voice cast. And not that Fable-style over-the-top Brit accent either, or an American’s interpretation of how the British talk, like in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, but honest-to-goodness British voice actors, the kind you hear on the mean streets of Blighty.

There’s something quite rare and special about Fragments of Him. There’s an emotional hook here that many other games could take their cues from, delivering a gut-wrenchingly relatable story about love and death, told through the eyes of very believable characters. It would have been easy – and cheap – to turn these people into caricatures, rather than spending the time writing nuanced characters, as Sassybot has done here. Essentially, then, Fragments of Him is an interactive Alan Bennett monologue.

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Sounds like a brand of cologne.