Why Aren’t We Getting More X-Men Games?

The classic superteam/longtime gaming staple have been strangely absent in recent years.

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Channel-Live1794d ago

Because the movie f-cked up Apocalypse

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Zorkaz1793d ago

Honestly, I preferred Apocalypse than Civil War for some reason. I don't know why ... Civil War just didn't do very well portraying it's plot. I got the feeling that the plot was something going on in the background for some reason. I was weird. Anyway, game wise, Apocalypse and the other movies have made plenty of money I doubt that's the problem. I don't really know why they haven't given it more of a shot. I mean sure Batman's alot to live up to but it would be a different style of gaming altogether ...

ScorpiusX1794d ago

Cause Rocksteady dropped the Mic with Batman and all other studios are now afraid to try .

Movefasta19931794d ago

xmen origins wolverine the game was solid, but yeah they have a lot to live up to.

Hold_It1794d ago

They also dropped the ball with Arkham Knight. Game was terrible.

ScorpiusX1794d ago

Maybe the PC version but the console version was sweet & ran sweet.

jb2271794d ago

Probably true. It's just a shame though because all Rocksteady really did was understand the character & get the right talent to pair with talented devs. It ain't really rocket science but for whatever reason license holders haven't cracked that code, they still throw the best licenses to the most unproven devs for quick cash grabs, or they just go the mobile route & print money off of gullible folks with time to kill & money burning a hole in their pocket.

This is why the Sucker Punch Spidey rumors are so great, we can finally have a quality dev willing to really take a crack at making another Arkham level great superhero game.

slavish01794d ago

fox needs to give xmen back to marvel. sony just did with spiderman fox needs to follow

AHall881794d ago

Sony did because they were bleeding money.
From what I understand, Sony will still make all the money from the standalone Spider-Man movies.

Fox has no reason to give a decent selling IP to Disney/Marvel, Fantastic Four on the other hand... they might just keep out of spite at this point.

Shame Marvel has to drag the X-Men through the mud because of a deal that THEY made years ago though.

Sunny_D1794d ago

Incorrect. Sony still owns Spiderman. Marvel and Sony came into a deal that would benefit both companies mutually. But, Sony pictures did not release Spiderman. Marvel isn't getting any money from any Spiderman movie and Sony isn't getting paid to have Spiderman in the Avenger movies.

Hold_It1794d ago

They really don't. X-men isn't about catering to a PC crowd nor is it about SJWs. Giving it to a movie studio that is in support of those two things would be like giving Spider-Man to Zack Snyder.

jb2271794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

God that may be the densest post I've ever read.

You do realize that the X-Men were created by Stan Lee as an allegory about the civil rights movement of the 60s right?

Either way, you are somehow claiming that the people who actually created those characters in the first place are somehow unfit to take their film rights back, even though they've been putting out their books for decades? What about the Fox run of the films? You also realize that Brian Singer based a huge portion of the films around a metaphor for homosexuals coming out (The Iceman scene)? There are some insufferable SJW types, but how do you consider yourself any different from those folks? You are essentially 2 sides of the same coin. There is a happy medium of just being tolerant & accepting of all people, and only calling out pandering practices when they actually exist.

Your post takes the entire cake, literally the most hilarious comment I've seen on N4G in quite some time. I do agree with one thing though a Zack Snyder Spider-Man film would be the worst thing to ever happen to the character...kinda like BvS was to those two.

OT: the X-Men won't see another decent game for as long as their rights are held back by companies unwilling to take chances. Making a quality X-Men game will be difficult & it stands as more of a "High Risk/Low Reward" property, so I don't see a quality game centered on the X-Men anytime soon. I'd assume solo characters would be a safer bet & even then it's unlikely.

CJQNSNYC1794d ago

The entire situation is shameful. You have one company attempting to put the squeeze on the franchise, hoping and praying that this will devalue the property enough to regain control over them.


Then you have another company who seems to be at a crossroads as far as the films are concerned based on the reception of the last film. The big game changer here is Deadpool. After the success of that film and the way in which that film came about, you can bet Fox is more than likely rethinking the way they handle X-Men moving forward. As far as games go, I completely agree. This medium is perfect to tell the stories the films can't. A major cash cow, collecting dust on a shelf.


NotoriousWhiz1794d ago

I would like to see another X-men Legends.

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