Until Dawn: Truth Behind Myth

Wendigos may be smarter than we think. Spoilers ahead.

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Genuine-User2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Why must you start your description with a spoiler?

Hoffmann2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Its around 8 or 9 months old, are people also still getting angry if someone mentions that Han Solo dies in the last Star Wars? Their fault if they didnt play this awesome game already.

Eidolon2968d ago

Right, if they had any interest in the story of something, they should have watched/played it, we can't be tight lipped for 6months+

jessionpc2967d ago

Bullshit, don't spoil anything. Even A studio Ghibli movie from 20 years ago.

It's a dick move, and you'll offend anyone/everyone depending on what they like, including you, "Unless you think your all knowing, and you'll always experience something you end up loving the moment it comes out, cus that's how life works, right kiddies?

There is obvious content you can talk about in open conversation that won't ruin people's possible future experiences. If you want to talk about it, drop some consideration and ask if it's okay or warn people. Don't like that? Cool, your a dick, and nobody is going to play with you on the handlebars.

Spoilerino's are for faggerino's, "not slangin homosexuals", who want to measure epeen and be smert to everyone around them, when in reality they just come off really annoying and people don't come back for more.

PS: I've never played Until Dawn, never will. So no, I'm not salty over this. Just dropping the law on unsuspecting junior high scrublords.

Kurt Russell2967d ago

Some of us only have a few hours a week at best to get through games. It took me 5 months to finish Witcher 3, 4 months to finish Bloodborne... so yeah it's pretty annoying when someone without as many commitments flippantly ruins things I am looking forward to experiencing. The world is a bigger place than you.

Valenka2968d ago

Yeah, this is speculation we've all heard before, like six months ago.


Until Dawn's PC Release Holds Massive Untapped Potential

Until Dawn is receiving a remake and is being ported to PC and PS5, and this is a move that has massive potential for the game.

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DustMan36d ago

At least it's mostly cinematic. I worry about performance currently of anything running on Unreal 5 that has any kind of "action" in it.


Until Dawn Remake vs. Original Comparison Highlights If This Is A Worthy Upgrade

Until Dawn is getting a remake which always felt like an odd choice since the original still looks pretty good, is it worth the upgrade?

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CrimsonWing6952d ago

Not really… they just couldn’t be bothered with making a sequel? This original is already available on PS5 and for the cheap. This just seems kind of pointless and I’m not seeing anything that screams next-gen remake to me, but if you’re a fan of it and looking forward to this, more power to ya’

Amplitude52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Dark Pictures Anthology games didn't exactly sell well, but they were much lower budget games that reused assets all over the place.

Its probably safe to assume that this remake - which will also presumably reuse but improve assets from the original - is a test bed to see if a high budget sequel is actually financially viable. Also brings in people who never played it when it released 9 years ago.

I'm just spit balling but it makes sense.
Ill be buying it like I do all their games haha obviously I'd rather a sequel but I totally get it.

outsider162451d ago

And of all the remakes we could have gotten, they choose this one.

MetroidFREAK2152d ago

As someone who hasn't played this before, I'll be snagging it on PS5

anast51d ago

It's a good game and it's definitely worth a purchase if you haven't played it before.

MrBaskerville51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

It's good, The Quarry is worth a look while you wait.

MetroidFREAK2151d ago

I have that on disc for PS5. That's on my backlog

Iceball200052d ago

Is there an upgrade fee for this or no? Like how TLoU had and Uncharted.

shinoff218352d ago

Even if their was. Actual work was put into this. Companies that give it away were doing it and thanked for it. Or they were doing it cause they fked up really bad Ala cyberpunk

Also you have to be mistaken cause the last of us is a straight up remake, mad work was put into that. You also didn't have buy it or anything to play the ps4 version. It was also one of the best games for awhile and it's certainly better then anything the other high end console has put out in a very long time if ever

Crows9051d ago

What other high end console?

anast51d ago

What do you do for a living? What ever it is I want you to do it for free.

cthulhucultist51d ago

Having played all Dark Pictures Anthology games as well as the Quarry, I am definitely not skipping this one.

I would even buy the original if it was on PC, since I only have a Steamdeck and a Switch.

I remember that it got surprisingly good reviewed and the Quarry has loosely the same premise as Until Dawn (not exactly the same but similar setting)

on_line_forever51d ago

Wait a minute why they use sun lights in horror game ? What's wrong with those developers ?

Even in Silent hill 2 remake bloober team use sun lights in hospital reception WHY ? The whole city is covered with fog

Really bad developers we have these days

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Single-Player Titles God Of War Ragnarok & Until Dawn Will Require PSN Account On PC

Sony Interactive Entertainment's upcoming single-player PC games like God of War Ragnarok and Until Dawn will require a PSN account.

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PrinceOfAnger53d ago

Sony will lose support and money from 177 countries that support Steam but do not support PSN!
Tell me about stupidity, I'll tell you Sony.
Its concern is to increase the number of PSN subscribers, at the expense of profit and
More sales for their games from 177 countries.

purple10153d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Thing is it’s free to create an account (for pc players)

So they don’t need essential / extra / premium tiers, there is literally no good reason. Stupid but I don’t know the ins-and-outs but I can imagine it’s just a dumb reason

Ohh actually maybe it’s to combat piracy, so the game will not launch unless you have psn, then Sonys server end would validate if it’s a real copy or a cracked one

That could be it

ApocalypseShadow53d ago

Ding ding ding. Your edit brought the answer. Lol

Sony wants to validate their games on PC so that they know who's legit and who stole them. I understand Prince in that we have too many accounts we have to make. And it's a slippery slope. Like ported Xbox games to PlayStation will require a Microsoft account. Besides the already Ubisoft accounts and Epic accounts. Hard to keep up with all these names and passwords.

But you figured it out.

blacktiger53d ago

so you are saying it's another DRM? And is it always online? even though it's single player offline game?