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Final Fantasy XIII is the Best Final Fantasy

Gamemoir’s Nick D. makes a case for Final Fantasy XIII being the pinnacle of the series in this thirteenth segment of a 14 part feature “Every Final Fantasy is the Best Final Fantasy“.

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Community2962d ago
gangsta_red2962d ago

*falls down*

GAH!! FF-13 is the worse in the series, nothing about that game was memorable and even though I finished 1 and 2 I couldn't stomach how absurd and awful 3 was. Back to Gamefly that shit game went with an angry letter attached telling how I hated it and how dare they send that game to me!

2962d ago
_-EDMIX-_2962d ago

First FF I've ever skipped.

I heard the horror stories lol I'm not sure how FF13 makes anyone's top list of anything other then bad games. I heard the story was as confusing as could be.

Ashlen2962d ago

If you haven't even played it why are you here making judgments?

Kingthrash3602962d ago

Go play it, come back.
Only then will your comment be relevant. nope....but it's opinion so it's cool.
Me ffx,then ff7, then ff3

DarXyde2962d ago

The story wasn't really confusing at all. I think the problem is you heard that from easily confused people.

Now about Final Fantasy XIII...It really wasn't my favorite. You didn't really click with many of the characters, if any. I liked the combat system later in the game where it just sort of comes together, but the linearity does detract from the overall experience. If you can stomach the early sections and get to Chapter...11, I think, that's where the game actually feels like Final Fantasy. If the whole game compared to that part, I think it'd be a much better experience. I'd give it a 6.5/10, possibly 7.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed the soundtrack.

_-EDMIX-_2962d ago

@Ashlen- You are correct. My judgement of FFXIII are only based on what I've heard and not what I've played.

@King- Fair enough, can't honestly disagree with that.

One day. lol One day I might actually play FFXIII, who knows, I might feel differently about it then what I originally thought.

Ashlen2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I'd just like to point out that the corridor nature makes sense.

Cocoon is literally a "man made" (Fal'cie made) object created to breed humans. It's like an office building small narrow corridors, with open spaces for rooms (the cities). When you get to the actual planet (Gran Pulse) it's a huge open area. The developers tried to explain this many times but people just couldn't understand the story or were like Edmix who just talked crap without even playing the game.

If people had actually played the game and had the brains to actually understand the story this wouldn't have even been an issue.

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Gaming_Cousin2962d ago

This must be a dudebro that started gaming with the Call of Duty series. Final Fantasy was a linear pos that took essential elements out of the BEST Final Fantasies

remixx1162962d ago

*helps you up*

LOL exact same, I beat the first and second but wouldn't stomach the third, I still own the first one some how...

DragonKnight2962d ago

Had to check to see this wasn't satire.

FF13 is hands down the worst game in the franchise. Even the microtransaction riddled mobile games are better than FF13. There is so much wrong with FF13 one could probably write multiple articles on each point alone.

Bebob2962d ago

You are not right in the head buddy. Ff13 is awesome. I bet you didnt even finished the game so stop talking shit.

DragonKnight2961d ago

Finished the game and finished Titan's Challenges and got most of the ultimate weapons. The game sucks more than black hole.

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GeddyThePolack2962d ago

Go home Nick Doyle, you're drunk

Godmars2902962d ago

Think you mean lobotomized...

Gaming_Cousin2962d ago

They accidentally took out the brain region for logic and instead left cancer in his brain

kaizokuspy2962d ago

Mash 1 button constantly to win

goldwyncq2962d ago

Like almost every other final fantasy game that came before it. Press x to win.

Bebob2962d ago

Dude you dont know what you talking about at all. For the first part of the game yes you are right. But later its gets way better. And to be honest every ff game is about mashing 1 button, the attack button. Unless you are fighting a boss. Dont bash ff13 for something the entire series is guilty of.

DragonbornZ2962d ago

Yeah I don't get kaiz's comment lol.

kaizokuspy2961d ago

Say what you want, the game was linear and boring except gran pulse, but then again, it was suffering just getting to that point. It was by far the worst entry in the series that did not deserve a trilogy in any sense. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings, but ff13 is regarded by the majority as the worst FF of all time. Haters going to hate, but hey, it's the truth. Prove to me otherwise.

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