Halo 5’s Awesome Feature Gamers Probably Overlooked

Let's hear it for the Halo 5 Forge!

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spicelicka1356d ago

Halo 5 forge and custom games is definitely its most underrated feature, this shit you can do is ridiculous.

EddieNX 1356d ago

I've barely used it at all gunna have to get into it more!

iTechHeads1356d ago

Not interested in it at all. Just not my thing.

TheCommentator1355d ago

Main thing thsat bugs me about the Forge is that when they add new features, they change existing ones. They changed how far sounds can be heard from, they changed how existing textures capture light and shadow too. As a perfectionist, I can't stand having to go back and remake sections of my map because they decide to update the game.