Dishonored 2’s Playtesters are Combining Powers in Ways the Developers Didn’t Expect

According to Dishonored 2 director Harvey Smith, the game's playtesters have been using the characters' powers in ways the developers had never anticipated. Many unique situations have arisen as a result of playtesters combining different powers in unusual ways. Read...

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iDadio1801d ago

Just goes to show the value of proper testing and QA

DarkOcelet1801d ago

Well, it depends on how well the developers responds to that feedback too. I mean look at the damn Poise in Dark Souls 3. It doesnt do crap after thousands of hours of testing.

So hopefully the devs take that feedback and make the game more exceptional.

iDadio1801d ago

Haha I know, I was foolishly wearing my hard earned wolf ring before I read up about it being a moot stat.

DarkOcelet1801d ago

Its sad really, Yhorm Shield + Havel Armor Set + Wolf Ring doesn't do jack in this game. I cant believe From Software are not doing anything about it. When the first enemy in the game can stagger me with all the above equipped is BS!