Opinion: Video Game Reboots Aren’t A Bad Idea

With the release of a number of well-received video game reboots in the last few years, one writer looks at why rebooting older games and franchises can be a good thing.

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The 10th Rider1802d ago

I'm sure this will draw some strong opinions, but I think smash bros needs a reboot. There's nowhere to go but adding more content, and with the content there is, there's only 10 or 20 characters that really matter to serious players. They should rerelease 4 for the nx with all the dlc, the ice climbers, snake, wolf, young link, and pichu. Then later in the console's life, release a reboot with a small, focused, new roster of about 25, simple stages, fast gameplay, and more competitive playing features.

Basically release smash 4 with all previous characters and some more previous stages, then reboot the roster and stages and make a more balanced, faster, focused smash for more competitive play.

MilkMan1802d ago

I think because of the specific way SB was designed there may be little room for innovation, at least in the game mechanics. It was designed to feel like a pinball machine ball, not really much wiggle room for advanvement.
To improve it, they may need to rethink fighting mechanics from the ground up but then it wouldn't be SB would it?

The 10th Rider1800d ago

I think they should develop a new one like they're starting eom scratch. Keep the same core gameplay concepts, reboot the roster, reboot the items, reboot the story, add in any elements that jump to mind. Keep it small, fast, balanced, and focused on play. If the next one is just more characters, items, and stages, it's going to be an inbalanced mess. So they can just rerelease smash bros 4 with all previous characters, including the cut characters from previous games and dlc characters. That way there's a smash bros for the casual fans and one for the competitive fans.

1802d ago