The Xbox One Launch That Never Happened

Posted on June 6, 2016

In December 2013 Microsoft’s Xbox One enjoyed one of the most successful video game device launches in the medium’s history. Releasing a record breaking amount of exclusive titles that put gamers on notice that Microsoft was making a commitment to the gamers. The Xbox One sold 3 million within its first month and a half on sale. The irony of this phenomenal achievement is that fact that 6 months prior to the consoles release Microsoft was hell bent on redefining their presence in the gaming landscape. Creating a revolutionary console with some questionable features, and others that were more innovative than the competition. Gamers rebuked the console. Claiming that Microsoft wanted to destroy the gaming industry. Online DRM, lack of used games, weak hardware, forced Kinect, and hostility toward indie developers. All claims that have an interesting, and complex context that both are hyperbolic, as well as outright lies. Rather than defend it’s vision Microsoft took most of their ideas and features back. Launching a system that was much more streamlined in approach. Yet, if you go on-line, or speak to people who don’t know any better they will tell you that in fact that the console they purchased had all these renounced features. That my fair friends is how horrible marketing propaganda, and bad PR become your brand.

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omegaheat1799d ago

I'm sure there aren't many comments on this well written article due to the fact that a lot of things the writer daid were true and may have hit a soft spot with PS4 owners.

andrewsquall1799d ago

Here are some truths that hit your soft spot. Xbox One finally did things the PS3 has been doing since 2006. In fact everything that makes the Xbox One awesome is things the PS3 things did. Everything that sucks about the PS4 is some cues that it took from 360 last gen.
Lets see mandatory game installs, bluray drive (bluray discs are thankfully impossible to scratch so you get that benefit too), a slot loading drive that doesn't scratch your game discs, more open headset and even accessory support (at launch I was able to use a 2002 PC USB adapter cable that allows you to use PS2 controllers on my PS3), REGION FREE CONSOLE (another first for Xbox and of course you won't read that in the article, Xbox One was going to be originally region locked to THE COUNTRY, bet you didn't even remember that), alot more I will go into detail below on how PSN was/is YEARS ahead of Xbox Live on 360/XB1.

I don't really need to read much more of the article after "PSN is a really good online service, but Xbox Live stands above it". Typical statement from clueless people last gen with absolutely nothing to back up that statement why.
How so? PSN did massive multiplayer support (40 players in Resistance at launch, 60 players in Resistance 2 in 2008 anyone?), mod support, cross game support with PC/Mac/Linux if devs will go to the bother of implementing it, unlimited file size on demos - patches - DLC, higher sound quality on headset chat since launch that Live finally upgraded to in late 2010, full scale MMO support, eventual premium service that allowed every paying person download averagely 30gbs of games a month, PSN had full retail games digitally for purchase on the release day since 2011- a feature Live only started with XB1 - before that they would wait 4 months until the initial bandwidth usage could be avoided but that is the way they did everything back in the 360's day. Do I need to keep going? Everything I listed made PSN superior to Xbox Live in every way, oh but you got Party Chat on Xbox, that was worth the $60 a year alone right?

Sony already tested the digital focused PSPGo. Guess what, it didn't take on too well. Does that make them, unanimously and without question like you think of this article, ahead of their time too? Nah but I think most of the things above is definitely true when, like I said, the next Xbox console started to GRADUALLY integrate just about every single one of them.

andrewsquall1799d ago

And what other truths? Truths that aren't even mentioned in the article? Kinect is brought up without a mention of the fact it was draining what little power the console already lacked. Microsoft themselves were completely caught off guard by how weak their console was at launch. The article tries to even talk up the flawed bottlenecked last gen ddr3 architecture, proven to be problematic time and time again even in exclusive games designed from the ground up for it.

In fact Microsoft 180ing on their original vision seemed to benefit them in every way.
- At launch Xbox One DIDN'T support game streaming (although they touted Twitch support at the console reveal it didn't actually come until 5 months later, PS4 supported uStream AND Twitch streaming out the gate).
- Game trials for downloadable games weren't allowed on the console yet. This was because of the unlimited game size rule that the console now supported but they weren't willing to allow people to download a trial of a game that was, say, 5gb without buying it, they still wanted that control of bandwidth on their service. This came later with the launch of Trials Fusion the following April.
- Games with Gold already existed but they still were slowly rolling out all these other things on Xbox One and wanted to make sure the bandwidth on their servers could stand it. This came in June.
- Finally Xbox One had features close to PSN on PS3 or PS4 (then Sony blew them away before the year was out and still to this day with Shareplay).
- And what happened Xbox One Live Xmas 2014 with all these last gen features finally in place. It went down most of Xmas and has been occasionally going down since too. There went the urban legend that paying for your online service is why Xbox Live was so awesome and never went down.

There is NO way Microsoft were EVER ready for the digital only future that they envisioned. I just explained in careful detail what actually happened since the console's launch and throughout 2014. How would they have been able to roll all these things out slowly AND with an online only console too?