Third HITMAN Elusive Target Is Coming This Week

The third HITMAN elusive target will be made available later this week. You know what to do, Agent!

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TheDude791799d ago

I'm a huge fan of these Elusive Targets, so much to the point where I hope they are implemented into all future HItman games, regardless if they are episodic or not. The tension is real and it's extremely rewarding if you can pull it off.

nowitzki20041799d ago

Havent played it yet. How do you like the new Hitman, and what are elusive targets?

have been thinking about getting this game before it released but then some reviews threw me off but still keeping an eye on it.

TheDude791799d ago

The gameplay is as good as it's ever been, there are many ways to carry out the main mission, and community made content is great. My biggest beef isn't so much with the episodic approach, but more so with the weak narrative so far. There was lots of talk about a overarching story that would pull players in, but in my opinion it hasn't lived up to it so far.

Elusive targets task a player with eliminating a unique target that only appears in the game for a set amount of time, and you only have one chance to pull it off. If you die, get caught, lose and the target is gone for ever. Adds a level of tension that suits the Hitman mold.

I'd recommend picking up at least the first episode to see if you like it.

nowitzki20041799d ago

Elusive targets sound awesome, more games need suf like that. Yeah Ill have to try it out, Hitman series has always been one of my favorites. Thx for the reply

Maxor1799d ago

I have zero interest in this episodic bullshit. Can you imagine what MGS5 solid would be like if the game is episodic? The structure of the game is set up for it, the game would still be great but it would be annoying as hell to wait for new content to trickle in.

_-EDMIX-_1799d ago

"Can you imagine what MGS5 solid would be like if the game is episodic?" Yes very much so...

"the game would still be great" ......-_- your point?

" it would be annoying as hell to wait" because you are not waiting for games that haven't released right now?

OH so it would be bad to having some of it to play and better to have none? Do you not see just how stupid and self centered this logic is?

Hitman is a mission to mission game. If you want to play the whole thing end to end......merely wait. I see Hitman as any other game releasing months from now as I have to wait for the full thing, but at least folks can play SOME of it.

Don't want to play it in parts? Well........don't. No one is forcing you to, no one is putting a gun to you're head, the game is actually releasing a final thing anyway.

I honestly don't get you're anger besides childish, immature, ignorance. I bought Walking Dead Season 2 after the EP's were already done.

Yet I lived......

If MGSV released the same way, it would be fine. At the end of the day, if you are a huge fan and want to play it in full, then wait. Consider this.....did we not have to wait for MGSV REGARDLESS?

Look at Himan as another game that has yet to relaese if you favor the disk based format, no one is stopping you, you have options and please stop crying over options.

It makes very little sense....