Sony E3 2016 demands and speculations

With E3 just around the corner, Sony has a lot to prove as the head of the pack for this console generation. It won’t be easy living up to their last E3 press conference, but here’s hoping Sony understands why it works. So if last year is any indication, the Vita will be neglected and left to rot underneath the stairs until it’s sales numbers get better. But ignoring that (just like how Sony ignores the Vita), let’s dive into my list of demands and speculations for Sony’s E3 show.

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joeorc1804d ago

Exactly! , Sony released the PSVita, many gamers thumbed their nose at that platforms 1st party efforts saying they were "watered down PS3 games" or I would rather play that game on my PS4..than negative narrative continued PSVita has no Games!

Well you link shows more games releasing , many say those are not 1st party and mainly non counting Japanese games..funny and ironic thing is Sony's PSVita not only sell pretty good in Japan & Asia and gets the games to match.

Serves the West , be one dedicated game handheld for the market. Sony is concentrate to what the market in the west mainly wanted Smartphone's & tablets.

So Sony now made Forward works to make Smart device games for smart TV's , smartphone, Tablets and streaming box's.

I doubt any more dedicated game handheld console's by Sony for the west..many say well I am not going to support Sony any more.. Well good for and other talked yourself right out of having another company make a dedicated game handheld console , aside from Nintendo.

Good for the market in the West, they seem just preachy keen to that.

Gamers are sometimes their own worst enemy.

joeorc1804d ago

Of course ..hey the PSVita is dead Sony...LMAO, hey Media can you just give it a Rest already...?

Its Sony's E3 to prove
Sony should Take Playstation to Expand to PC
Sony to get on stage @ Microsoft's E3 Event.
PS4.5 Neo is to a course to a divided playstation install base.
While Microsoft's Xbox Scorpion is set to be Microsoft's come back tour.

LMAO never change media

BABY-JEDI1804d ago

I really believe that Sony must make PS4 Neo a more ambitious machine. Something worth buying 😉

Goldby1804d ago

Must? Theres no live or die decision for the playstation 4 or the brand behind it.

Sony is leading the industry not only in sales but also quality of games. Theres no Uncharted 4 on Xbox.

Theres no PsVr on Xbox.
Theres no No Man's Sky on xbox
Theres no share play on xbox
Theres no HellBlade: Senua's Sacrifice on Xbox.
Theres no Gran Turismo on Xbox
Theres no WiLD on Xbox.

There is no need for an upgraded Playstation 4, specially if M$ jumps the gun on the next gen, remember how well that went last time?

BABY-JEDI1798d ago

It seems to me the PS4 Neo could end up being a half-way house for VR which I believe would be a missed opportunity . I'm not talking about the XBox by the way.