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Have you ever had dinner at someone else’s house and was treated with such polite company and poise that you were pretty happy that you decided to put on some normal clothes and go out for a change? You see the people preparing your dinner with aplomb, pouring all their passion into this culinary creation. You rub your hands together expecting a wonderful meal the likes of which you haven’t tasted in weeks where your only sustenance was ramen noodles and microwave popcorn. Your food gets put on the immaculately decorated table, the host gives you a gentle smile and says “dig in”.  With your first bite, your expectations get crushed like they just went under a hydraulic press. This food is unbelievably bland to the point where every bite feels laborious and hollow. You put up a facade and claim that the food is wonderful with a forced smile. You leave and then go to McDonald’s directly afterward.

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