Battleborn Deserved Better Than It Got

Gearbox Software's Battleborn is shutting down forever in January 2021, but this author thinks it got the raw end of the deal. Battleborn deserve better.

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isarai9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

2 things happened that shouldn't have

1) They should not have relied so heavily in PVP when it was the co-op missions they marketed so heavily. Leaning more in the co-op PVE would have been far more effective for them.

2) Overwatch fanboys immediately crapped on it given it was also an online FPS with cartoony characters without giving it a chance creating a bandwagon for everyone to jump on. Because y'know no other FPS PVP has ever had cartoony stylized characters before Overwatch, they invented it

Endyo9d ago

For point one, I actually believe the opposite. The advertisements for the game were almost entirely about the co-op missions and I found them to be the least enjoyable part of the game. The PvP was way more entertaining and not at all like Overwatch. It was a 3D MOBA more in line with Smite. I think if they advertised that, it might have at least had the following Smite had

Of course, given the fate of Super Monday Night Combat and Paragon, Smite was pretty much the only one that managed to survive. So it may have been a lost cause either way.

FunAndGun9d ago

Just the mention of Paragon makes me sad. Miss that game so much.

Christopher9d ago

"Smite was pretty much the only one that managed to survive."

Dota2, Leage of Legends, Smite, and Heroes of the Storm. Paragon worked pretty well, but it got boring pretty fast for me with the repetitive concepts.

I think the market for MOBAs in general isn't big enough to get that many more games. If a new one comes along, I think it will knock out one of the others mentioned above. There are a few really small ones that exist, but I think they offset costs with really small development teams and very few players in comparison (there's a super-hero vs villains one I saw recently on Xbox One, but can't remember the name of it, F2P).

AspiringProGenji9d ago

Overwatch fanboys crapped on it because the devs themselves were firing shots at Blizzard, and it failed to beat Overwatch. It was beautiful

Neonridr9d ago

January 2021? Must be a typo..

Christopher9d ago

That's correct. They recently stopped sales of the game digitally but will keep the servers up until Jan. 2021.

Neonridr8d ago

really? I thought it was supposed to say January 2020. Having servers up for a whole extra year for a game that is basically dead doesn't really seem like a wise business choice.

2ndhandcorn9d ago

I crapped on the demo then got the game cheap and played alot wound up really enjoying it.

D__RAiL9d ago

I thought it was great but it just hit the market at the wrong time

gangsta_red9d ago

It came at a bad time. Overwatch just dropped and i'm sure people were looking at this game as another Overwatch type game. Instead it turned out to be a MOBA type game from what I heard.

Christopher9d ago

The PvE parts were more like raid-style gaming with different difficulties (read: more health, do more damage).

PvP was moba-style but I could never get into it (but, that's normal for me and PvP).

What I was interested in felt weird and imbalanced from one character to another. I really wish it was more catered to SP in some regards. Again, though, that's just me. But the online requirement and matchmaking was slow and tedious because there just wasn't enough people to do various content.

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