Why Is Overwatch Getting a Pass From Value-Conscious Gamers?

As much as we all love Overwatch, we can't change the fact that it offers very little content for the amount it's asking for. But why, exactly, is Overwatch getting so much love from both players and their wallets despite offering so little?

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Majin-vegeta1802d ago

Cuz its an FPS thats why.Like i said before thos game gets a free pass while other games are hammered for it *coughSFVcough*

Perjoss1801d ago

SFV mainly got criticism because its always had an arcade or 'story' mode, and this time they just outright skipped it. I'm not saying Overwatch is bursting with content as it could certainly use at least 1 more pvp mode and possibly some kind of story related VS waves if AI like a hoard/firefight thing.

WellyUK1801d ago

people bang on about lack of modes. Have you people actually played MP games recently? people only play 1 or 2 modes, look at cod everyone plays TDM and domination, Battlefield everyone plays conquest or Rush. 2 modes is 100% fine for Overwatch as people don't really play multiple modes on MP games, same for MOBA's they play the same map and mode over and over again yet they are the biggest games on the planet.

ChronoJoe1801d ago

I don't know what you mean Welly, Overwatch has 4 modes. I agree two are enough though, if we just had Capture and Payload I would be happy, because the attack / defense gametype feels really in favour of the defenders.

Goldby1801d ago

@Wekky, What console are you playing on, i can only play one mode at a time on FPS.


Mr_Writer851800d ago

They are nothing alike.

Overwatch didnt launch with missing content, paid for DLC, Day 1 bug fixing patch or a season pass.

Any modes, maps or characters added will be added for free.

The game is also a load of fun, which people knew it was due to its beta.

PixelOmen1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

What? People give Titanfall, Battlefront, and Evolve all kinds of crap.

Aloy-Boyfriend1802d ago

Because it has enough maps, lots of charming and different characters, depth, and it is fun.

carlingtat1801d ago

9 maps on Overwatch = Enough
12 maps on Star Wars Battlefront = Damn EA screwing over consumers!

Jaces1801d ago

Um, all new content is free. New maps, new heroes, new modes, free. Everyone else they give you those for a price or they use season passes. Really nothing to complain about especially if you bought it on PC for $40. I am a little curious as to why it's full price on consoles though.

WellyUK1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

ye but battlefront doesn't really have 12 maps... it has 4 as the maps are all the same for each planet. And there is the fact the game has no depth what so ever, has absolutely 0 balance and is just a poor game at best.

Overwatch has the depth that all these other games don't have, that is why it's doing well because it is a GOOD game with enough content and depth to keep people playing. If you can't see that then your blind and just hating because your a SP kid who needs a SP otherwise a game isn't worth it.

Goldby1801d ago


Whats the depth, and its only selling well right now cuz it was just released, lets see hjow its doing in a few months.
heck Star Wars Battlefront did well when it first released too,

Aloy-Boyfriend1801d ago

Battlefront doesn't have 12 maps

Kabaneri1801d ago

Overwatch is a substantially funner game though, thats what matters.

kevnb1801d ago

Battlefront has no gameplay depth though

Mr_Writer851800d ago


I thought there were enough in battlefront but any maps added to Overwatch will be free...

carlingtat1800d ago


Haha right, because everyone who disagrees with you on the internet is a kid who only plays Call of Duty and is just hating on every other game or is a fanboy who doesnt know shit right? Thats usually the discussions for games on the internet. No criticism, only haters.

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I_am_Batman1801d ago

I played a couple of hours by myself and I'd really appreciate more game modes. Everything is attack this point or defend this point. Those game modes are probably fun when playing in a team with team chat where you can coordinate your actions and team comp but when playing with random people it doesn't really work for me.

If it had some standard modes with less emphasis on strategy like TDM or CTF I'd probably enjoy the game much more.

Another little gripe I have so far is that most of the heroes don't seem to have much depth to them. They seem very straightforward and there doesn't seem to be much of a learning curve. Even from just reading the abilities it's very clear how the hero is supposed to be played. That's cool I'd just prefer some more demanding heroes on top of that. To be fair though I haven't tried them all yet and maybe I need to spend some more time with the game to find some cool little tricks I haven't thought of yet.

Aloy-Boyfriend1801d ago

TDM and CTF modes would make many heroes useless. Those modes don't belong in this game

Abdou0231801d ago

TDM will not work in this game, there are heroes that don't stand a chance against others.

Pullmywaffle1801d ago

Characters ripped off from other franchises with a couple of douchey one liners and some skins equal depth and charm? Wow.

Shubhendu_Singh1802d ago

For me it is has to be, whatever low content it has,

It is incredibly fun.
PC is only 40$.
and Blizzard post launch support is nothing short of legendary.

Even for 60$, would I want to have more content, Ofcourse Yes, but I am willing to give blizzard the benefit of doubt because they haven't disappointed me. Everything that will be added after this will be absolutely free for everybody. THAT's why you make quality product and your fans stand besides you.

If CDPR does a mistake in the future, I would be little forgiving. If Ubisoft does it, f*** them - we have given you too many passes already. Blizzard hasn't made anything but quality products so...

FBNS1801d ago

Diablo 3 and Star craft 2 would like a word with you.

vallencer1801d ago

Diablo 3 at first sure. With the expansion it's an amazing game. Diablo 2 suffered the same fate. Everyone remembers how good d2 was but they forget it was only good because of the lords of destruction expansion. As far as sc2 goes it is a great game. Still one of the best rts' out. May not have the charm the original had but I think some of that is due to nostalgia. They still make great games and overwatch is no exception.

I'm pretty sure most people complaining are on console being as they had to pay 60 for it with no choice of 40.

Shubhendu_Singh1801d ago

What's wrong with Starcraft 2 ? Go on tell me.
I will give you D3, but even then they fixed whatever they could which wasn't integral plan of the game. They can't make a skill system like D2 but atleast they got rid of the AH.

FBNS1800d ago

Even after every patch and update diablo 3 put me to sleep. Everything felt lifeless and completely uninspired. Playing on the hardest difficulty I became God very shortly into the game... to the point I would fall asleep while playing, stay alive and kill everything. I got to chapter 4 and just couldn't force myself to play anymore.
StarCraft 2 had mostly the same effect on me.

subtenko1801d ago

I didnt know it was already $40 on PC?! I probably would have bought it day 1 then...

Shubhendu_Singh1801d ago

Not already.
It was always 40$ on PC - at launch, since the very first day.

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Shadowsteal1801d ago

Because it's such a blast to play you don't ever really think about the content.

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