Will Xbox Scorpio Make A Difference?

There’s a lot we don’t know yet about Xbox Scorpio, but hey, let’s talk about it anyway. On today’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen we wonder: Will Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox pick up enough steam to catch up with the PS4?

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Gaming_Cousin1800d ago

"Will Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox pick up enough steam to catch up with the PS4? "

If it has better performance and better exclusives it will, just like how the PS3 did with the 360

Cindy-rella1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Lol. Pure lunacy. Dreams of fanat-X. Some think that majority of gamers will suddenly rush out to buy a more powerful xbox console over a weaker playstation console and the xbox one sales will surpass the ps4 sales. Xbox 360 had superior multiplatform games last gen while being significantly cheaper and the ps3 still outsold it. Xbox one will never reach the sales of the ps4 and to think otherwise is silly. The playstation brand is just a more powerful brand over the xbox brand. There are a lot of negative connotations that people think about when they think of the xbox.

I understand that a lot of fanat-X will disagree with me because of silly reasonings but all xbox games will be on pc which will lessen the chance of someone wanting to buy an xbox one.

1800d ago
Lennoxb631799d ago

"I understand that a lot of fanat-X will disagree with me because of silly reasonings but all xbox games will be on pc which will lessen the chance of someone wanting to buy an xbox one"

You also need to understand that games going to PC won't make much of an impact on the Xbox. PC gaming is really hard for the average person to get into because you have to be interested, and savvy about PCs. Most aren't.

You're acting like a bunch of casual gamers are going to go to the store, and start asking for PC parts they've never heard of in their lives. So pointing out that something is going to PC is useless.

darthv721799d ago

So you are saying the XB1 would never under any circumstance reach the 40+ million in sales the Ps4 currently has...? Talk about pure lunacy. Go home Cindy, you're drunk off sony-ade.

Kingthrash3601799d ago

Lol why, no how? With what games? And who says this is a xbox one upgrade? I remember phil saying it wouldn't be an upgrade but a new gen. The rumored 6tf backs that up. if you think people gunna buy a 5-600$ machine again in such a short time you are crazy. Ms hasn't brought games to the table....bring games new games start a new chapter if they gunna take this power and use it on the same games that have been in decline since the 360 then they will have just wasted their money. I dont see people trading in a ps4 to get a scorpio. ..why when they can trade to get a neo and keep all the games they have already.
Not gunna happen. Xbox has a broken name and it just keeps getting worse with more dissapointing games being released.....Qb problem wasn't the power or graphics nor was it halos or was the fact that they are deflated and beaten something like AC

JackBNimble1799d ago


Actually it's easier now then ever before to jump into pc gaming . You certainly don't need to be savvy or an enthusiast , most generic store bought pc's have enough ram and a good enough cpu to run most mid to high end gpu's. You just need to maks sure that your psu (power supply unit ) has enough wattage to run your gpu and system.

And anything you want or need to know about is on youtube, build your own rig, step by step instructions on youtube . It's never been so easy.

freshslicepizza1799d ago

catch up to the ps4? no. there are no signs developers would suddenly alienate the ps4 in favor of the scorpio and that is what it would take, less support for the ps4. not gonna happen.

from my understanding this sounds like a new xbox which would kickstart the next generation with the nx. so it would be hard to use each as a competitor to one another anyway.

microsoft needs to invest into creating more in house studios to compete with sony. they also need to create worldwide brand recognition, something the xbox was never been able to do. how they do that is to be like apple, a cool new product consumers where even in asia they must have it. not sure how that would be possible now to rebrand the xbox.

let sony make their mistakes and pounce on that, they've done it before so its possible it can happen again.

JackBNimble1799d ago

That's not what he said, good try though . He's said it wont surpass the ps4 and he's right. Just look at how long it took the ps3 to catch the 360 . Ps4 has 20 million lead 3 years in to the gen, it's not going to happen . Maybe next gen though ... right ?

Kiwi661799d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

This article isn't about the xbox one though its about the scorpio unless you missed it , so there's some people who can't read despite it saying what the article is about

Zeref1799d ago

PlayStation brand was damaged as well. But they bounced back eventually. Xbox can do the same. Although It won't catch up in sales. They can at least take back the US.

BattleAxe1798d ago

It's past midnight, and she's turned into a pumpkin, and when you're a pumpkin, you can't think properly. Xbox is about to make a comeback, and certain people are scared that their little electronic devices are about to become yesterday's news.

Unspoken1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )


The only thing silly here is your rant about things that seem impossible to you.

Regardless of games going to PC there will always be a market for console. I'm a PC gamer and understand this. Not everyone wants or needs the complexity behind a computer.
Second, people want power in their console, and it's clearly evident by the sales from the PS4. This generational jump in power will also likely cause gamers to wait until or jump ship when Scorpio arrives.

It's inevitable.

Plus you are spreading false information. The 360 outsold the PS3 for the majority of its lifespan. The PS3 caught up eventually. But some how Xbox surpassing Playstation in sales is now foreign to you. One thing is for certain, history likes to repeat itself.

Trez12341798d ago

In America it has a chance but worldwide it's very unlikely. People always compare last gen but they purposely forget that ps3 was put a year later and they were all kind of bad press and the repetitive talk of " it has no games", yet, the ps3 was outselling the 360 worldwide.

Anyone that travels would understand what I mean, the playstation brand is very powerful worldwide and I'd like to point out that it's not only Asia that ignores xbox. In mainland Europe it's also a very niche product and last gen, that year start helped but once playstation was out, it was business as usual in those parts of the world.

Most important thing that gamers ignore is culture. Mainland Europe do appreciate more Japanese games including those anime games. Alot of countries in Europe grew up with anime and just like some are excited with cuphead art style, others like the Japanese art style.

Xbox has to get the attention of gamers worldwide to be the leading console but judging by some of their fans who completely discard those as games, they have a real fight in their hands.

rlow11798d ago

Outsold it after a extremely long cycle and took about six years to do it. Oh, don't forget at the start of the ps3 Sony was bragging how they were going to crush the xbox360. Never happened but I'm sure to delusional extremist like yourself changing history for a post is a pretty common practice. Some people are always trying to ice skate uphill. pathetic.

sammarshall1021798d ago

It'll definitely sell by the bucket load

I'm ready to preorder one myself

jb2271798d ago


"microsoft needs to invest into creating more in house studios to compete with sony."

Totally agreed...I'm not sure why but it seems a lot of the MS fans don't care for the idea of first party studios. They seem to have no problem w/ third party devs creating first party games for MS & I just can't wrap my head around that. Brands & Boxes need identities, and they get that from their exclusive stable among other things. It's great to own IP but if you don't own the studio that created it, you have no real chance for consistency. If say a Capcom develops a blockbuster amazing new IP for MS that everyone flips out over, suddenly when it comes time to create a sequel, Capcom has a huge bargaining chip, maybe it'll cost MS twice as much to secure a sequel from the original devs, which eats into the game's actual budget. The other alternative is handing that IP over to another dev entirely, and there lies a potential for ruin. First Parties eliminate any doubt that stems from third party partnerships.

Even beyond all of that, it adds more standards of quality. Moving forward we are seeing fewer people become invested in franchises & more gamers invested in the developers behind their favorite games. Honestly Sony having Naughty Dog makes me a PS buyer from here on out, because I know I can expect quality from that studio in whatever form it may take from game to game. I love the games like TLOU & Uncharted themselves, but it is the comfort of knowing that studio is there that trumps any single game. MS has Rare stepping up to fill that gap a bit it seems, but they just need a couple more for gamers to hang their hat on. I honestly think they need to give up this idea of only keeping as many first parties as they have marquee titles, because even the staunchest Halo or Gears fan would have to be curious as to what 343 & The Coalition could do if they weren't solely geared towards these franchises.

End of the day, MS will only ever be as successful as their software. Third party partnerships are a reality of the current gaming landscape, but they shouldn't be making up the lion's share of games we are seeing on any of these boxes. First Parties just tend to put out higher quality exclusives by & large compared to their third party exclusive counterparts. If MS really wants to sell gamers on the future of the service, they need to look toward the future of gaming habits. Whereas gamers used to be obsessed with the "singles", now that we are more informed, we are looking into the full albums & following the bands entire output. That's the future of gaming habits IMO, and first parties are absolutely crucial to that.

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DivoJones1799d ago

It might have the opposite effect .. at least the Scorpio build will. I don't imagine it'll be cheaper than the slim, and at a higher price point it'll be more like the PS3 release price vs 360. I expect the OG XB1 will stay at $299.. the slim will be $349.. and the Scorpio will probably be $499 or even $599.

The key is that they match the price of Scorpio to the PS4K.. as long as they do that, they should at least decrease the rate that they're being outsold.

sammarshall1021798d ago

It doesn't really have to match the price of the Neo given the Scorpio is rumored to be way more powerful

I'd say $499 or lower would be good enough

showtimefolks1799d ago


absolutely not. no chance. the lead is over 20 million and do you know how big that is? let's look at some stats

it took ps3 6 plus years to catch and surpass xbox360
6 years to eliminate a lead of between 6 to 7 million units
6 years of outselling xbox360 every single day,week,month and years WORLD WIDE

so think about it, there is no way xbox one can outsell ps4 by margins of 500K per month world wide. ps4 is a different beast in international market, playstation has a name value attached to it that xbox just doesn't have

let's look at something else too:

it is rumored that so called Scorpio is coming out in 2017(most likely fall 2017) and neo is due out in september/october. that means sony/ps4 will have that whole piece for pie of market till 2017 and by than the lead could surpass 25-30 million

i was thinking and i came to a conclusion. xbox scorpio could be xbox 2. think about it this gen is over for MS and they can not catch or even compete with ps4 at this time. so is it really that hard to imagine that MS moves on from xbox one and kind of forces sony's hand?

xbox 2 will be BC so all xbox one games playable on xbox 2. and the specs/tech would be similar that every xbox scorpio game could be playable at a lower resolution/frame rate on xbox one

i am not saying i have inside infor or anything. but it kinds of make sense. nintendo is moving on from wiiu

this way also MS could get the ahead start like they did with xbox360

now if that does happen than their image takes a bigger hit especially world wide. sony is known for supporting their consoles well. so i think ms is in a tough spot. best thing to do is to keep selling the way they are(selling better than xbox360's pace) and than announce a new console in 2018

Sunny_D1799d ago

Well, the difference is that the PS3 only came out one year later and was still selling at a faster rate than the 360. The sales of the PS4 will not stop just because of a new Xbox. That's ridiculous to think. Even if magically, the Xbox outsold the PS4 everywhere in the world, the amount of time it would take to over take PS4 will have us going into the next gen of consoles.

Aenea1798d ago


You think Xbox can catch up? You can't be serious?

They could make the gap closer though...

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-Mezzo-1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I'm quite happy with the consoles i have, the PS4 and XboxOne.

They should have focused on Games rather than making a new console ( If True )

RosweeSon1799d ago

Yeah if they don't get the games coming then a new console is wasted just get some banging games out.

Lord_of_Cinder1799d ago

Last time I checked, there are a lot of amazing games coming to PS4. Saying they are not focused on games, considering even how many VR games are coming is just not true.

Sunny_D1798d ago

I am happy with my purchase as well. I am still not sold on this new era of upgrading consoles myself.

DigitalRaptor1800d ago

It will have better looking and running games than on previous hardware. However, the games will remain the same, and global brand positioning will remain the same, and thus it won't outperform PS4 on the market.

And with the way these companies seem to be approaching iterative consoles, each console would only have 12-18 months of any given perk before the next one outperforms the last. Sounds like a bit of a rat race to me.

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BlackTar1871799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Just think about how few games actually came out before the upgrade on both sides. If it's a new console upgrade then think about how people spent more money on the consoles then you did on exclusive games for each. That is sad to think about. Now you want to pay 500 for the same sad cycle?

N_Geezy1798d ago

I'm just a PC gamer, don't mind me. I still play Simpsons Hit and Run and Overwatch on the same system. I'm sure I'll catch flak, but give PC a look. Prices have never been better to enter the market for a decent gaming PC, especially with AMD's new cards being so (relatively) cheap.

Eonjay1799d ago

Easy answer, no. It will not. There are no free rides here and speculation only makes folks look dumb.

Bluemaster771799d ago

You sir... are an a** hole

Sunny_D1798d ago

He's right. It's still all rumors. We know there are new skus coming but we don't have the full details as to what they will entail.

ziggurcat1799d ago

That all depends on its price point, and whether it's actually more powerful than the Neo. both specs are still rumour at this point, and anything can happen - especially if Sony can increase the RAM on the vanilla PS4 about 9 months before its release... Both MS and Sony can probably still change specs at any given time leading up to the release of their respective consoles.

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