Should Nintendo Release a Stand-Alone Virtual Console?

Sven Wohl writes: "While most people are interested in what the NX actually turns out to be, there's another topic I've been thinking about a lot recently. Would it make sense for Nintendo to release a stand-alone Virtual Console? Ever since the Wii came out, Nintendo has started to capitalize even more on its own past and released classic games as download titles for their current platforms. But how popular could such a console be?"

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tweet751802d ago

Maybe $50 for a console that can play on prev gen games yes please!

GordonKnight1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

This is what the Wii U is for and makes it the best Nintendo console. The off srceen tv play is the best way to enjoy NES & SNES games. Imho

Their problem is the account system. Also, I'm still waiting for MK64 and Mario RPG to come to the Wii U VC.

PhoenixUp1802d ago

That would be a horrible idea for them to do business wise.

RosweeSon1802d ago

Yeah it's one of the biggest selling features of their consoles get our exclusive Nintendo classics and also have access to their extensive back catalogue of timeless classics. I think a 2ds or 3ds is cheap enough why do they need a Seperate Virtual console console. No.

DigitalRaptor1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

It's potentially a good thing to offer, but I think they'd have trouble marketing it. Maybe, if NX is not the success that it needs to be then they could do, but right now they are rolling in VC dollar of the back of home consoles.

I'd rather buy a fully fledged console with all the bells and whistles, but options don't hurt.

BlackIceJoe1802d ago

The only way this would work is if Nintendo made it a USB drive. It could have 1TB worth of space and you could download the games to it. Think of it like Google Chrome or Amazon Fire Stick, then add apps like Netflix and it could be a hit. But because of the 1TB USB stick it would be expensive, so it would have to be a lot smaller.

If you could download games from both Nintendo's home console to handheld system l really could see people enjoying it. Do l think Nintendo will make something like this no, but if they could find a cheap way to sell this is would be huge for them. Because just imagine how many people would give anything to play Gameboy games on their big screen. Plus Nintendo could sell Virtual Boy games on it too, because the games won't be played in the VB system the games won't give people a headache.

RosweeSon1802d ago

It would take you years to fill 1TB with Nintendo.

Zjet1802d ago

I work in electronics retail and most customers have no idea that Nintendo even has virtual console.... so no i don't think it would do well unless marketed properly

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The story is too old to be commented.