5 Most Awaited PS4 Exclusive Games

GuidesCloud: There is a big difference in between Xbox One Wii U and PS4 Games, they have different CPU and the graphical power non of that matters if the gaming experience is dull and dead, to know which game deserved your hard earned money, we are going too look at some exclusive titles that are coming up for the PlayStation 4 which you wont find on any other platform.

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nuckfuggets1801d ago

good to see the list without those awefull god of war games lol, Rime looks like an indie game tho i mean an indie can be an exclusive yes ?

1801d ago
Kaneki-Ken1801d ago

PlayStation cut ties with the studio who is making Rime since Rime game play was fake, they haven't even started the actual game or rather it doesn't look like nothing it was first shown.

XanderZane1800d ago

Yeah that sucks. Apparently developer Tequila Works acquired the rights to the game from Sony back on March 12, 2016. Game was original called "Echoes of Siren". Doesn't appear to have any release date or time table for the game. Might not see it now until PS5. Doesn't seem like Microsoft lost anything from letting this exclusive go. Only 2 games on the list I want now are Horizon: Zero Dawn and maybe DQ Builders.

Shubhendu_Singh1801d ago

Wow that's just amazing.

1st comment is someone saying GodofWar games are awful.
2nd comment is someone saying Horizon will be coming to PC.

It's like a douche-wave in here.

1801d ago
piroh1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Well I hope they will announce a new God of war by Santa monica studio even if it's without Kratos
I just need to see more of the new Hot shots golf

KwietStorm_BLM1801d ago

Your whole comment is just terrible.

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MyGameMag1801d ago

i think Horizon Zero Dawn is coming on PC too

Majin-vegeta1801d ago

I think you need to see who is making Horzion lol

kraenk121801d ago

Which game mag are you working for exactly?!

MagicBeanz1801d ago

I think you haven't a clue what you're talking about.

Ceaser98573611801d ago

Mr Man living in Pluto dont mistake forza horizon with Horizon Zero Dawn, the later is created by 1st Party.. unlike Xbox games Horizon Zero Dawn will remain exclusive till eternity.. .

Lord_of_Cinder1801d ago

In what world 🌍 are you living? Only someone new to gaming can say something like that.

Relientk771801d ago

How drunk or high are you right now? lol

Kurdishcurse1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Ignore the failed abortions replying to you in a rude manner. Although im pretty sure zero dawn wont be coming to pc, thats no reason to insult someone to inflate their own sad and broken ego, all to justify their platforms of purchase.

I myself am a pc/ps4 guy, and i would love to play horizon on pc. My powerhouse monster pc makes my ps4 look like a limping turtle on horse tranqualizers.

But bloodborne and persona 5 make the turtle worth caring for. Not to mention ratchet and other upcoming exclusives that seem amazing.

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Helden1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I'll save you tons of clicks :
Dragon Quest Builders
Horizon Zero Down
Let It Die
The Last Guardian

game4funz1801d ago


I would say for me its

And for this year that I know of that's it.

DemonChicken1801d ago

My list too!

I would also probably throw in

- Nioh
- Dragon Quest XI (probably a while away)
- Ni No Kuni 2 (as above)
- Gravity Rush 2
- Nioh
- Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 3 (hoping this will come to the Ps4!)
- Valkyria Chronicles Azure Revolution (probably a long time a way - Sega slowpoke localisation)
- Ryu go Gotoku / Yakuza 6 (as above)

Looking forward to E3, expecting my list to increase but the reverse for my wallet =/

Kaneki-Ken1801d ago

Scratch Rime, PlayStation cut ties with Tequila Studio since Rime gameplay was all fake, and they haven't even started the game or mostly doesn't look no where near as the game was shown first so they lied to everyone.

Shubhendu_Singh1801d ago

Yeah, RIME's existence is in question now. Shouldn't be on the list.

And I really do believe Horizon Zero Dawn will get delayed to March 2017 release. It's easy to release a New AAA IP in March rather than in holidays where long standing FPS juggernauts are duking it out.

TLG 2016 - #Ibelieve

InMyOpinion1801d ago

Thanks Helden! Sh!tty click-sites like this one should be banned from posting.

Relientk771801d ago

Thanks for listing them


Also Horizon Zero DOWN -___-

Yetter1801d ago

Thanks, I doubt Rime is gonna be PS exclusive at this point though. Rest of the list looks pretty good though IMO

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blakstarz1801d ago

Let it Die looks like a sick version of Manhunt.....can't wait.

Sora781801d ago

Horizon : Zero Dawn
The Last Guardian
Persona 5
God Of War

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