Allison Road Cancelled

Rely On Horror writes "Allison Road's popularity skyrocketed shortly after it was announced, and mid Kickstarter the development team Lilith Ltd were even able to secure a publisher that would cover the costs so they would no longer need to crowdfund. Perhaps that funding pulled out? But if so, why not just go back to Kickstarter? A lot of questions are had. "

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AudioEppa1357d ago

Damn people are going to be pissed about this news.

saywat2471357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

another promising horror game bites the dust. hate this trend happening right now i was really looking forward to this. pissed.... yes!!!

thekhurg1356d ago

Do the people that gave them money on kickstarter get their cash back?

naruga1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

the trending anomaly is the thieving Kickstarter altogether...people must stop giving money in digital services which promise non existent yet projects... just boycott the lame Kickstarter

Naughty_Cloud1356d ago

It was never Kickstartered, so no money to give anyone.

garrettbobbyferguson1356d ago

This is what happens when you try to market a game on hype alone. A ripoff of an unreleased/cancelled game/concept. Who would have guessed.

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OhMyGandhi1357d ago

This game looked incredibly promising. I am absolutely baffled by this.

hiredhelp1356d ago

Do the people that gave them money on kickstarter get their cash back?

No money gets taken from you till the goal target is reached,only then the money be taken from you if for sone reason it fails its then down to devs to refund you.

Enigma_20991356d ago


Which makes the whole Mighty #9 situation seem even more skeezy in my eyes.

TXIDarkAvenger1357d ago

That's surprising. Things looked good especially when they secured a publisher to cover costs. What a shame to suffer the same fate as the game it was inspired by.

rebeljoe141357d ago

I swear to god if Konami had anything to do with this

Naughty_Cloud1356d ago

Konami cares so little about gaming these days, to even do this kinda stuff. Honestly let's say by some miracle it was them, what can we do. Type angry words on the net.

Erik73571356d ago

KiluaX3 might be scaring me a little about what he means by "go to their base" lol

lociefer1356d ago

there's nothing anyone could do to konami, not with all those pachinko machines guarding their HQ

Nivekki1356d ago

'I swear to god if Konami had anything to do with this'

You'll do what? Attack them with text on a screen?

P_Bomb1357d ago

The PT curse continues

Walter_Official1356d ago

Right?! Its sad too see games that will never see the light of day..

Gaming_Cousin1357d ago

Puts on tinfoil hat. I think Konami might have something to do with this. Just like they secretly his Kojima from attending Playstation Experience and also told Kojima he cannot attend the VGA awards