The Conduit Pax Demo

A demo video of The Conduit at PAX.

Shows ASE, and Mr. Ford's death at the end.

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TheColbertinator3703d ago

Bad quality camera but The Conduit looks good so far.

Bombibomb3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Surprisingly good for a Wii game.

vashivihang3703d ago

looks effin great despite bad quality. AI seems improved too

nbsmatambo3703d ago

is that running on a wii =o


ChickeyCantor3702d ago

Ai improved?
You do realize that AI is always stupid when they demonstrate something.
Its called a walktrough not a get-shot-in-your-face-every-2- seconds XD

vashivihang3702d ago

remember taht PAX is a gamers converntion so they probably wouldnt set the demo to easy to make journalists feel better about themselves. remember how when the player went inside that hole and the enemies followed them instead of waiting for the player to come out?

ChickeyCantor3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

No i meant: That you said the AI has improved.
But in the first few (Developers)walktrough the AI is always Stupid.
Not talking about this video i was talking about the older video's by developers.

i think the AI was already at this level, thats what im trying to say.

vashivihang3702d ago

cures the hypnotic power of misunderstanding

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candystop3703d ago

Not bad Nintendo! This game looks on par if not better then RFOM1 visuals which is a big step wow.

ps360s3703d ago

but this game looks great for the Wii

El_Colombiano3703d ago

Resistance? Bah, please. This game is amazing on Wii, I will admit. But doesn't hold a candle to ANY real next gen game.

Bombibomb3703d ago

It kinda looks like Halo 3 with a better frame rate.

eclipsegryph3702d ago

To El_Colombiano:

Perhaps you should stop spouting tired old shameful rhetoric such as "next gen" and "real" games, and enjoy the fact that The Conduit looks to be a promising first person shooter experience on the Wii with great graphics, controls and gameplay.

Your "next gen" isn't going to happen for a few more years, so you might as well enjoy the good games that are coming out for this current generation of consoles.

snoopgg3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

give me some, cause I'm not seeing what your eyes are seeing. Are you wearing some special glasses that Nintendo packages with the wii to make their console look like it has Resistance graphics.I bet it looks better then Killzone2 when your wearing them, right? What a joke, play this generic Fps, while I play Resistance 2, Frycry, Killzone 2, Socom, Call of Duty 5 and all the others on a superior machine.

Nugan3702d ago

So, wait, Conduit is a generic FPS, but the sequels you listed aren't?

At least The Conduit is a new title with a fresh control style and not another entry in a tired franchise.

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Hostile3703d ago

Looking good for the Wii..

xionpunk3703d ago

Why aren't there more games like this on wii?

TheColbertinator3703d ago

The casuals never seem to buy them.

N4g_null3702d ago

The truth too much money is tied up in the HD market. Lots of big companies posted in the red this year. I'm sure they are thinking that jumping ship would be to drastic and a slow roll to the Wii is the best way. This is why you will see smaller companies adjust and add things that the bigger guys can not because they simply can not trust the Wii audience to be loyal to a game that is not fun. I mean really many HD gamers are only playing these games because they look good not because they play good.

This is what can happen when you don't have a dictator looking over your shoulder. Remember when Lucas arts said they where pissed about the Motion+ stuff well they should be simply because the execs let go of most of their staff. That is their fault smaller companies tend to hold on to talent rather than just dump them. It's not ok to add some thing costly to a publisher to a game at the last minute. I mean bloom blox had head tracking but wait that would make it expensive to produce. The same way motion+ is expensive if you already have stuff working for the budget title your making.

I was waiting for them to say this because nintendo always support people that put lots of work into their games. Yes that does mean figuring out lots of stuff on your own some times LOL.

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The story is too old to be commented.