Fallout 4 Shows Mods Work on Consoles

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "One of the most well known and regarded aspects of gaming is the ability to mod the content. This has been something that gamers have long been doing"

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showtimefolks1798d ago

i hope this is a great start for consoles/mods community. as consoles become stronger and more pc like i think we will see more games that will allow for mods

also this is great because mod community is willing to fix some things bethesda are too lazy to fix

Fin_The_Human1798d ago

Agreed but wouldn't mods make DLC obsolete and piss off developer like Activision and EA?

Gaming_Cousin1798d ago

Not all games have mod support

_-EDMIX-_1798d ago

Not necessarily , simply because as much as people like mods it doesn't necessarily mean they don't like the official content made by the companies themselves.

Consider something being user-made doesn't necessarily mean it's all great quality. Having free user-made content doesn't mean somebody wouldn't want content from the official Developers.

One of the reasons why you see mods rare in gaming in general is based on the difficulty to make the tool set as well as control the quality of the content for example somebody playing a mod in showing the game on something like YouTube stuttering or having frame rate issues might have users interpret the entire product as being shoddy or questionable when in reality the user may not State the mods it doesn't represent the product properly to the consumer.

I feel this is one of the big reasons why many companies do not want to give development even if its user-made content to the hands of consumers if they feel it's going to miss represent the product they made.

Some companies have always been okay with it. For a long time regardless of how successful Fallout 4 mods will be you will always see hesitation and reluctance by many Publishers and developers on allowing consumers to have mod support on a game. At the end of the day it's still their game in the Publishers and developers will determine what's in their game and what's not in their game.

I know many people love using the whole DLC excuse but they need to understand that there's lots of games that don't even have DLC but also don't have mods. mods I will say are very very rare to come across in popular games.

DogJosha1798d ago

You can exert a level of control over mods. For example, even though I doubt they would ever allow mods in CoD, they could allow mods for certain modes. Campaign multiplayer is where they would make money on DLC, so that is where mods would be disallowed.

Also, mods are already rare enough on PC. It is unlikely that they could ever replace DLC.

TheDreamCorridor1798d ago

Yeah, because, you know, you can have just modded all the Blood and Wine content into The Witcher III.

Fucking PC retards.

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Wallstreet371798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

You do know tht mods have been done on consoles previous to fallout right? Mods havent been enabled on current and last gen consoles not due to lack of ability but due to it not being a profitable model for the pubs And potential issues with copyright infringment.

KyRo1798d ago

This isn't the start of mods on consoles. Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3 allowed mods, custom maps, mutators, characters etc

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TheDreamCorridor1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Seems like the PC "master race" are choosing to ignore this article. The reason seemingly being that mods, an aspect that they have proudly shouted from the rooftops as one of the quintessential bullet-points that makes PC gaming so much more "infinitly superior" to consoles, have been shown a proof-of-concept with Fallout 4 to work out remarkably well so far for console mods.

Gaming_Cousin1798d ago

I remember having mods on unreal tournament III for PS3, was awesome

starchild1798d ago

Mods will always be more limited on consoles. You can do certain types of mods, but any mods that make the game more demanding to run won't work because consoles are generally already being tapped out to achieve a certain fixed framerate (30fps or 60fps).

Still, I have nothing against consoles and it's great when they do get some form of mod support.

Maxor1798d ago

Are you serious? You're basically gloating after being handled the scraps from the PC mods community LMAO. They're so pathetically limited that you have zero idea how awesome and game changing the real mods can be. But welcome to the crap ton of content that you should have been getting years but not, just so they rape console gamers with DLCs trash none stop.

Oh, who makes these mods by the way? Yup, its the PC master race. Feel free not to use them if that upset you.

scark921798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Have fun modding Red Dead Redemption.

The point being made is that mods are possible on consoles, limitless or not.

Some of us do know what mods are capable of, we are not primary console gamers, we play PC too, it just seems like everytime fanboy debates pop up, the modding argument shows up, I guess now it will be "well you can't do ALL the mods"

TheDreamCorridor1798d ago


So now it's an argument of who gets what sooner?

Well, I hate to break it to you bud, but console gamers have been games and completing them way before the PC release.

Bolts1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The restrictions are so horrible that they ensure only garbage mods are available for download. Had I not know better I would check out one or two then assume that mods isn't a big deal then move on. It's basically like someone announcing that you won a world tour cruise then forcing you to stay in the bathroom for the entire trip as they locked the door and threw away the keys. This isn't a feature for the console. It's a scam. We've been had.

freshslicepizza1797d ago

"Seems like the PC "master race" are choosing to ignore this article."

why are you making this about us versus them mentality, does everything need to be a competition? talk about being insecure for no reason at all.

Seafort1797d ago

Have fun creating your own mods on console for Fallout 4 :) Oh that's right you can't as Bethesda and Microsoft are just choosing some small mods for you from the PC modding community to put in your game.

This isn't the start of mods on console. This is just to placate their console fanbase into thinking they are getting the same mods as the PC when in fact they aren't getting anything like what PC gamers have to choose from.

garrettbobbyferguson1797d ago

I actually wouldn't be surprised if this is just a preliminary step to try and get paid mods rolling again. Well, at least on consoles because PC players aint havin none of that.

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scark921798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Unreal Tournament 3 showed this...I was playing as Master Chief snowboarding down a snowy mountain on the PS3..

xX1NORM1Xx1798d ago

I just looked through all the mods they arent as game changing as pc mods but im so glad they finally made it happen my friend refuses to play on pc so finally he can have a taste of mods hopefully that will convince him to try pc gaming at somepoint

Zorkaz1797d ago

This is definitely a great step for console gaming, however it will be a long time before it comes to the same level of PC modding. Maybe never ...

D3TH_D33LR1797d ago

Why? Because the PC can be modded at any point where as a console can't. There's probably less than 5% of the pcs out there that can handle a major graphics mod. As if everyone was able to run iceenhancer mod for GTA 4.

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