Hellblade combat video looks smooth as hell

DmC: Devil May Cry and Enslaved developer Ninja Theory has a tendency to shoot for the moon with its narratively ambitious roster of action games, and early…

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TwoForce1802d ago

Now that's a big improvement !

naruga1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

looks like a better version of RYSE ...for some reason i dont trust these over stylized combat games, they need to get many things right (dont get repetitive, have a satisfying duration, dont be ultra linear, have an intriguing story- ...for example RySe , Order1886 proved mediocre games at the end), they must convince me with a good final product

ShadowKnight1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Ninja Theory is a great developer. I love their games.

bouzebbal1802d ago

Wow this looks incredible.. I love what I just saw.

game4funz1802d ago

Exactly. Combat looks awesome.. But how about the rest of the game. I'm hoping it'll be good.

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CanadianTurtle1801d ago

Dang, the amount of dislikes you have is fucking scary. You have a lot of useful/proper constructive criticism, The concerns that you've addressed are worth speaking up about.
This game does look like a polished version of Ryse, but still not polished enough. It's still quite clunky looking for my tastes. And repetition is a HUGE concern for this type of game. It's sad to see that this website has become a cave for fanboys who can't think outside their emotion.
There's a lot that can go wrong with a game that is overly focused on combat gameplay.

mechlord1801d ago

the combat is not over stylized though...

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-Ikon-1802d ago

This arrogant prick RUINED DmC then spit in the faces of the fans.. GO FUCK OFF!!!!!!

kraenk121802d ago

They made DMC a better game than it ever was!

Kaneki-Ken1802d ago

They may have ruin DmC according many people, not all but that doesn't mean every game they are making is bad so you can't judge a game until it releases. Also keep acting immature, it won't get you anywhere with that type of language in life and you need off instead since you need it the most.

sdcard4gb1802d ago

True, I still remember these pricks giving us that shit and then blaming us for low sales :) What the fuck ?:)))

bouzebbal1801d ago

Dmc was amazing.. If it's due to Dante's look I think you should get over it. It played great and puts every old Dmc game to shame.

DevilVergilX1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Nah everyone liked DmC because it became a button masher and like how easy it is... Love these no skill gamer defending DmC...

1801d ago
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ShadowKnight1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Can't wait to play this in 4K on my pc!!!! Sony and PC fans get ready!!!

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Aenea1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

4k? On a PS4? Are you joking? No, not even the rumoured specs of the rumoured ps4k can handle this in 4k!

ShadowKnight1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I'm talking about on PC lol.

opinionated1802d ago

Apparently the ps4k will have the ability to upscale with HDR tvs. I just bought one of the new bravias so that would be nice. If it's just a UHD bluray player then that's fine too.

nitus101801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

A 4k TV or monitor will display a 1080p signal or even a 720p signal full screen. If your display has a high refresh rate such as 120Hz, 144Hz or higher then, the picture even at 30fps can actually look quite smooth although it is still preferable to have a high framerate input. What is more important is to have a constant framerate from your PC or console.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that a console is designed to output to HDTV's which conform to the HD standard of 720p and 1080p. The PS4 and the XB1 can actually display 4K video but not play 4K games (look it up if you don't believe me). PC's on the other hand depending on their graphics card can obviously output 4k signals, however, contrary to what some people believe not all PC's can play 4k games, in fact most can't.

Mr-Dude1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Looks very good, combat nice and very fluid. Very awesome.

Kurisu1802d ago

I hope this finally gets a release date at E3! The game looks great.

himdeel1802d ago

I also hope for a release date this year.

1802d ago
Kurisu1802d ago

Fingers and toes crossed! :)