Could The Last of Us 2 Be A Prequel Starring Ellie’s Mother?

More evidence that the Last of Us 2 easter egg in Uncharted 4 could be more than just an easter egg.

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Thatguy-3101803d ago

I hope not. I truly want the progress of the story to follow Ellie. She's the cure to all this I doubt they'll just let her go like that. Maybe a flashback segment that involves the pregnant mom can come to play at some part of the story.

gameseveryday1803d ago

I will take a prequel over a direct sequel. It will be interesting to see the struggles of Marlene and Anna IF Naughty Dog decide to go in that direction.

-Foxtrot1803d ago

Why though, we kind of know the story roughly and know how things play out

Ellies pregnant mother is not going to loose the baby (obviously) and we know she dies.

Marlene survives but we know her fate

There's nothing in a prequel which is as grapping as in the first game since Ellie and Joel's fate was up in the air for the entire game, hell even other characters. I didn't think Tess would get killed off so early but she did.

Prequels are great for side projects or stuff used in flashbacks for the sequel but games like this need a direct sequel so it can continue that tension the first game give us. Knowing roughly how things play out is not interesting.

Deadpooled1803d ago

I thought the left behind dlc was kind of like a prequel by itself?

Nitrowolf21803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I'm fine with no prequel, it wears off what makes a game special IMO, kind of like God of War with ascension where you knew the story and it was hard to get into it knowing where it goes. I like the suspense of not knowing

I'll be okay with flashback events, but would like to see the story either continue where it left off or start fresh with new characters

Erik73571802d ago

Maybe it does follow Ellie and skips 15 years and now she's pregnant?

freshslicepizza1802d ago

this is an easy way to keep a game that sold very well into a franchise. we all know that most games which sell well will try and continue one way or another.

bloop1802d ago

I'm not hoping for a prequel anyway. Ellie is the key to saving humanity. If she's not one of the leading characters then the story isn't going to hold as much weight as the first. Plus, the way it ended, I really want to see what happens next for both Ellie and Joel. Tommy knows about her immunity so I'm sure the whole community is aware of all the events and why they were trying to reach the fireflies. I want it to pick up exactly where it left off. Will everyone find out about what happened in the hospital? Will the community want to forcefully take Ellie and hand her back over to the fireflies for a cure? Will Ellie go on the run alone if she finds out the truth about what Joel did? The first one ended perfectly for setting up a sequel. I'd much rather they continue their story than start a new one.

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-Foxtrot1803d ago

Same I always thought they would do direct sequels and transistion control of Joel to Ellie

Last of Us - Play mostly as Joel, little bit of Ellie

Last of Us 2 - Half and half. Ellie is a few years older

Last of Us 3 - Play mostly as Ellie in her late 20s, little bit of a much older Joel until he dies

Last of Us 4 - Adult Ellie in her 30s

Golden_Mud1803d ago

Honestly, I don't think Naughty Dogs' franchise this generation will be The Last of Us, so TLoU will just be a secondary franchise (something new to Naughty Dogs as they get bigger as a team).

DigitalRaptor1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Not gonna lie, I'm not keen on that approach this series. The characters and their motivations are key, but after FOUR games, I feel they would be worn out, with the same post-apocalyptic backdrop and intentions to survive. I would rather TLoU 2 skip many years (thinking a decade) with Ellie grown up, Joel as an old man who can no longer stay on the more dangerous path, and a bunch of new characters who assist and challenge Ellie's personality and her journey. Or it be a prequel with brand new characters and a story that very loosely connects to the first game.

I think pegging the next game as a prequel with Ellie's mother backs them into a corner too closely. It's like with Left Behind, we kinda already knew what happened to that character. I think a prequel should have brand new characters for us to care about, but connected enough to feel like a true follow up.

-Foxtrot1803d ago

"with the same post-apocalyptic backdrop and intentions to survive"

In that kind of world the way people survive keeps changing over time. Look at the Walking Dead earlier seasons compared to now.

People rebuild or try to, find new places to scavenge and the like

Besides we don't know what other places look like in the world with the post apocalyptic setting. What if Ellie and Joel continue to move around, it's why most of the chapters in the first game felt fresh because they were always on the move.

I don't know how they would fit this in story wise but what if they went to England or France, the way things played out in those countries would be different from back home. New enemies might have mutated/evolved their to give more enemy variety

Point is I could see the game getting up the 4th game, just like Uncharted. If not 4 then definitely 3 to close the trilogy

Lightning Mr Bubbles1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

It would be cool if they make a prequel with Ellie's mom. They could make it on what happened between the time the outbreak started with Joel's daughter dying and the 20 years that we skipped forward to in the Last of US. I mean it's the Last of Us, they can add backstory, do whatever and it's legendary. Beside if they make a prequel with Ellie's mom, we know that eventually part 3 will return to Ellie in a sequel, so I'm all for whatever as long as they expand on the Last of Us universe, it will be epic. They can make 3 or 4 more sequels and make it one of the biggest franchises ever in the history of both video games and movies.

-Foxtrot1803d ago

Then if that's the case and you want to explore the 20 year gap then just do a prequel with Joel and Tommy with the things they did

Look prequel stuff should be left as comics or DLC, not full games unless it's by another studio

Lightning Mr Bubbles1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

It's cool Foxtrot, I liked your comment also. I don't think it will be that way, but it would be super positive to just keep going with Ellie long into the future and stuff like that. But that would be too feel good to be The Last of Us, but I wouldn't mind, since I really like Ellie. I'll be happy as long as they expand of the Last of Us universe, and we know that Ellie will be involved in some way, she's too important to the story not to be.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Just when I thought your terrible ideas couldn't get any worse lol. For someone who spends 24/7 on a game site you'd think that you would learn from actual good games. Don't quit your day job. Oh ain't got no damn job, Tommy!

-Foxtrot1802d ago


Awwwwww is someone having a bad day *pinches cheek*

Someone needs their bean flicked.

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kraenk121802d ago

She's not a cure. Seems you didn't pay attention to the notes in the game. There were several immune before her and all died without finding a cure.

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Livecustoms1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Did the game ever talk about Ellie's mum because as far as i can remember it never did ? So i would definitely be interested to find out what happened with her parents.
Also i would love to find out how she became 'immune' whether she was born with it or not.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

How do you delete comments?

1802d ago
BlakHavoc1802d ago

As far as I remember Marlene(I think was her name) told Ellie that she promised her mother she'd take care of her

Livecustoms1801d ago

Oh yer i remember that, it's still something they can explore.

Cy1803d ago

Honestly, I hope this game never gets made. Last of Us was a great, stand alone story and trying to add to it or go back and explore a backstory that doesn't need to be explored would just lessen it. Leave this game alone and focus on a new IP.

Skankinruby1803d ago

You get scolded for saying that around here, but I completely agree. The way they ended the first one was so brilliant and a huge reason it was such an amazing game. Continuing the Joel and Ellie story any further would just put a damper on that.

Imalwaysright1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Why? don't you trust ND to pull it off?

The way I see it, ND created some of the best characters in gaming in TloU. I would be disappointed if TloU 2 wasn't a follow up of Ellie and Joel's story.

Skankinruby1803d ago

@Imalwaysright that's a harsh question lol. Of course I trust naughty dog, their last 2 games will be remembered as some of the greatest in history. But the last of us is the gone with the wind of video games. Being open ended is what made it so great and a sequel doesn't make sense. Of course I'll buy it day one, get the collectors edition and even buy another ps4 if the make a special edition console. But it's just a very risky move.

robtion1802d ago

Yep. I absolutely love The Last of Us but would like an new ip rather than a sequel to be honest. Not everything has to be a franchise. I do realise this is not the popular opinion though and of course I will play anything that ND puts out.

kraenk121802d ago

I agree. The first game is perfect as it is. If they even make a sequel it should feature a new set of characters imho.

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raWfodog1803d ago

I was also thinking almost the same thing way before talks about a sequel became a serious thing. If the sequel/prequel fails to live up to (or surpass) the original, I feel that may somehow put a damper on the franchise. But if anyone can continue a great story, it's ND.

BlakHavoc1802d ago

I respect your opinion but I don't understand it. The game has plenty to expand upon and while the story was magnificent its not like ND wouldn't be able to tell a better one. They improve with each game they make so imo a sequel would be even better than the original. And honestly you're dreaming if you think Sony isn't pressuring ND a little to make a sequel to an IP that sold over 7 million copies lol. No way this game isn't coming...

Cy1802d ago

It's a contained story that doesn't need to be expanded on. Can it be? Yeah, pretty much anything CAN be, but the game served its purpose. It explored the themes it wanted to, told the story it wanted to, and wrapped everything up the best way it could. Any follow up with Joel and Ellie (or god forbid just an adult Ellie because that would miss the point of her character entirely) would just diminish what the original did, and going back and doing a prequel would be pointless because nothing about what happened before the end of the world (or right after) actually matters unless it's part of the personal backstory of a character. Last of Us, right now, has integrity in its story. And I'd prefer it to stay that way.

As for the pressuring thing, you're probably right, sadly. But I'd hope by this point Sony would realize they can sell something on the Naughty Dog name alone. They don't need sequels, they just need ND to make games.

BlakHavoc1802d ago


I think you're focused on TLOU too much honestly, I think a sequel could exist without taking the integrity or purposeout of the original. Ellies character isn't confined to what she was in the first game as characters are known to evolve over sequels. Id be very interested in who she is in her teen or young adult years. She went through a crap ton in the original so I think a somewhat hardened and wise Ellie in a sequel would great. One that has a shaky relationship with Joel for obvious reasons but one thats learned his harsh ways from years of traveling with him. Should she forfeit her life knowing she's the cure or does she remain? Introduce a new character or two that make that choice difficult for her idk lol. I'm just saying there's alot to be explored, the original story had its own dynamic and it would remain that way, just cause its Joel and Ellie doesn't mean you can't tell another story that explores and goes in depth on another side of them

kneon1802d ago

It depends on which backstory. I think the better back story to explore is Joel and Tommy and what happened during those 20 years before TLOU. Something big happened that drove them apart but it's never explained.

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BlakHavoc1803d ago

Please no, I have no interest in who her mother was. Either follow Joel and Ellie again or introduce new characters.

Kreisen1802d ago

Agreed, its just so random lol.