PAX 08 - inFAMOUS Live Stage Demo

Two guys from Sucker Punch run through a level of their upcoming PlayStation 3 title, inFAMOUS. Check it out.

Silogon5769d ago (Edited 5769d ago )

that was so damn lame. Almost as lame as Infamous is itself. WOW!

Lots of disagrees going on here. You all tell me, really, what is so good about this game? I'd like to know. to me it looks like just another generic 3rd person romp in an open city with more space than there is things to do in. The camera looks weak. The public interaction looks weak. The powers look weak. the main character is very weak. He looks like a complete idiot.

Urban explorer and bike messenger. ahhahahahaha, gotta hand it to them on originality, though. He could've been a cop or a detective.

Edit to nobody below:

Guess you missed the meeting where it wasproven I wasn't Games blow, sucks to be you. Feel free to continue making yourself look like an idiot, though. It fits you well... Might be a little baggy in the crotch area, due to your nuts not dropping yet, however.

Edit to ultra original Spoon:

Let's see here, you're a dip $#*T but that's a given. ME, an xbox fanboy?? Please, check my post. Stupid name? Really? Thought it was pretty clever considering mine has relevance to the source material of the forums and yours does not. Guess that's how feeble minded tit squirts like yourself and I go our sperate ways.

Little Keyboard commandos behind lcd screens can't hurt my feelings, jerk spurt. You're too stupid to parody yourself, let alone anyone else.

Bombibomb5769d ago

Silly Gamesblow. Why are you still here? Just go away.

spoon5769d ago (Edited 5769d ago )

forget it

TheHater5769d ago

Dude, it seems like this game isn't for you. So don't trash it just because you don't like it. I personally am really looking forward for this game, and so is other people.

Pain5769d ago

That inFamous is a PS3 Exclusive made from the ground up on PS3 and Not some watered down hold back last-gen DVD 9 restricted PC DX 9 clippy fest game.

Such a shame...

zo6_lover275769d ago

Dude I thought it was awesome, It just made me want the game.

SmokingMonkey5769d ago

The character is supposed to be an "everyman"
They obviously didn't show "all his powers"
i thought it looked awesome, i admit the public interaction was weak, but come on Silo the physics of the cars and the plot alone makes inFamous f@cking "sound and look" AMAZING

Notice when the power in the city went out it "limited" his powers. I think the urban environment mixed with the electricity element will make for a great game. Imagine in the final stages of the game, Cole
(i thought his name was Dylan? oh well) has become MAGNETO!

geda5769d ago

sometimes for fun i like to picture what silogon looks like in real life... must be a pretty horrifying sight!

PoSTedUP5769d ago

silogon, the only thing that is lame is your horrible taste in games and you 2 bubbles because of it. XD

on tizzopic: this sh*T looks crazy intence! yo this is gunna be a sick game when it comes out. cant wait, me loving me ps3 : )

AIi_The_Brit5769d ago

siligon always likes to forget that this game isnt even finished so of course the public AI will be lacking

themyk5769d ago

i happen to be looking forward to this game. and if you want to know what a crappy camera is go play too human or ng2.

bosels115769d ago

siligon STFU!!!! if you dont stop, I am going to tell your mom. little a$$ stupid kid

zenosaga045769d ago

You're not very popular are you?

morganfell5769d ago

Oh little crap bag sillybegone, I would say we hurt you fairly well. You can posture like the liar you are if you want but everyone here sees through your shallow and transparent attempts as if your personality is made of saran wrap. I realize that is a slight on saran wrap but I am sure they will forgive me. The way you kept editing and responding betrays all your other claims of indifference.

We also hurt you by depriving you of bubbles. Soon you will be down to one and the world will be a better place. You can take your gamesblow and dive beneath the nearest speeding bus or passing train. The only one relying on their position of keyboard anonymity is you. And you will need such anonymity for your next account. Never worry, you erred perceptions will betray you and we will find you out in the same way we can smell an xbot.

Sad really that you claim to be familiar with gaming yet have no comprehension of what pre-alpha, alpha, beta, and final code means. When you get to the 6th grade, ask some one. You sit close together on that short yellow bus so try and strike up a conversation when you are not slobbering or wetting yourself.

And look at this, everyone here likes what they saw and you, a single person does not. Do the math dunce.

Amazon Bestseller update

PS3 80GB Rank 6
360 None in top 100

theKiller5769d ago

i know thats ur opinion and u r free to think of this game how ever u want but to call it lame it a bit too much!

1: we dont have enough info about it yet
2: we havent seen enough yes
3: this video was bad quality so we shouldnt blame it on game
4: from the video the game looks promising at least
5: running around and having too much freedom isnt a negative thing, GTA series is about that and look how much people love it!!
6: the game is ps3 exclusive so expect things u dont see it on 360
7: its new IP, we all should be happy to tget new IP's

so dont make ur judgment just yet on the game, its still far away!

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Breakfast5769d ago

2009...the year the ps3 solidifies its status, as the next cause of death, to the 360.

That list just keeps getting bigger, and bigger.


Bombibomb5769d ago

Loving the new Breakfast. Keep up the good work.

NO_PUDding5769d ago

New Breakfast...

Bah he said somethign nice about Team ICO today when I damnw ell insulted it. What the hell si wrong.

I kid, maybe you don't like the truth but Breakfast wasn't ever a fanboy. He was just an opinionated person. Like everyone awesome here.

Looks totally mediocre, apart from the beauitful animations. So cross that the main charcter isn't a theif like Sly cooper. Lightning shooter is so boring.

IzKyD13315769d ago

breakfast, what happened? did you have an epiphany a few days ago?
either way, keep up the good attitude

and the ending to the demo was awesome

TheColbertinator5769d ago

I do miss the old Breakfast though.

Amazing gameplay on Infamous.Looks great and since that was just the beginning I bet it becomes really interesting towards the middle.Hopefully you can use lightning,fire,ice,and gravity powers too.

NegativeCreep4275769d ago

But on topic, this game is totally looking to be a real contender for 2009 GOTY. The Playstation 3 has a great lineup in store for early 2009 as well as this fall. The PS3 is going make a huge impact from here on out and it will solidify its dominance very soon.

And you know what makes Infamous even better? The fact that it will only be on Playstation 3.

LossTheEarthbreaker5769d ago (Edited 5769d ago )

How is this a change in attitude? Was he previously a 360 fanboy and has jumped ship to Sony to do the same thing?

Not that I disagree in the matter of exclusives coming to either system.

MS has very little as far as upcoming exclusives. Viva Piñata 2, Banjo, Halo Wars, a Star Ocean game, the PC-bound Fable 2, and the PC-bound Gears of War 2.

Still, though, it's an ignorant statement aimed directly at his fellow sony fanboy brethren.

But, to think that MS is going away from the console market is simply ignorant.

GametimeUK5769d ago

PS3 owners get a Crackdown clone