Alienation Review: Housemarque Does It Again | Short Pause

Housemarque hits another home run with their latest twin-stick gem,
Alienation. Find out why action fans owe it to themselves to add this one
to their collection.

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TheDude791807d ago

This game is insanely fun when played cooperatively and the RPG elements really caught me off guard. Weapons (while limited in type) also can be upgraded and re-rolled to your liking. Housemarque just knows how to make a fun ass game!

SamPao1807d ago

Indeed, I played some more with my friend last night and its super fun

Kingdomcome2471807d ago

I wish that I could recall the name of that bigger budget game that they are making that they showed the trailer for at last year's E3, I believe. OT: This looks like a lot of fun.

Kingdomcome2471807d ago

Yeah! That's it. That looked amazing. These guys are definitely a talented bunch.

cash_longfellow1807d ago

Fantastic game! I just added the platinum to my shelf and I can't wait for Matterfall.

xtheblackparade1806d ago

Super fun game, gets a 4/5 from me as well. But endgame is excluded from that score, it needs way more variety guys!