7 Worst Xbox One Games So Far

GuidesCloud: The Xbox One needs no introduction. It is one of the finest home video game consoles of Microsoft. This was launched in May 2013, and since then it has managed to win the hearts of countless game lovers across the world. Here is a list of 7 worst Xbox One games so far.

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dholakia1797d ago

Angry Birds: Star Wars........???? o wao

nuckfuggets1797d ago

Yea I never knew that wither that angry birds made its way to consoles lol

nuckfuggets1797d ago

Assassins creed unity was a fail on both consoles and PC , it was purely optimized even tho it cane up with loads of patches that didn't do any good to this beautiful game

MyGameMag1797d ago

yeah man, ac unity was a biggest disappointment ever...

Eidolon1797d ago

Was it made with Unity?

starchild1797d ago

Meh, I played it on PC just fine and enjoyed it.

KarmaV121797d ago

I enjoyed it a lot too. Nice little love story.

yay1111796d ago

Did you even play the game? Apart from launch it was a superb game.

itsmealcoholic1797d ago

none of these games are worst, the author of this post is the worst writer ever.... stupid guy..

1797d ago
Xavior_Reigns1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

May 2013? lol announced maybe, not LAUNCHED!

"Gives tough competition to PS4..."

annoyedgamer1797d ago

It is still the primary competitor. Without MS's digital only debacle, we would be looking at an always online PS4.

Xavior_Reigns1797d ago

Yeah I know where you're coming from but sales wise... it's no competition. As for the fanboys that'll eventually stumble here, calm down.

SenorFartCushion1797d ago

I don't think you know what the word competition means.

It doesn't have to sell, it just has to be there. It is literally the only other next gen console you can buy.

starchild1797d ago

With that kind of reasoning I guess you would claim Apple phones are no competitor to Android phones just because they don't sell nearly as much. The gap is actually much bigger there than between the PS4 and XB1. Yet sensible people everywhere recognize that Apple and Android are competing platforms.

annoyedgamer1797d ago

(insert number here) (insert attribute here) (insert time frame here) "articles"

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The story is too old to be commented.