Developer Focus: Techland Talks Technology, Engaging Work Environment And Crazy Marketing

In PressA2Join's latest edition of Developer Focus, we have been talking to the Poland-based studio, Techland, creators of fantastic games such as 2015’s Dying Light, Dead Island and the popular Call of Juarez series. Founded in 1991 by Paweł Marchewka, Techland recently announced that the company will now officially publish games on a global scale under the name Techland Publishing, further cementing the studio’s growth and progression since the early days of Crime Cities in 2000.

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TheCommentator1568d ago

Everybody should read this interview!

It's really good to see how Techland feels about gamers, gaming, and having fun doing what they love to do. Glad to know Techland has their hearts in th right places to grow the company into something more like Rockstar, putting quality and post launch support first.