It’s Time for a Superman Video Game

An E3 of dreams would have to consist of a fully-realized Superman game, right? It seems like one must be announced soon, there's too much pointing in that direction. Hopefully a developer can deliver and bring the man of steel to consoles.

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JakeNoseIt871d ago

At this point, I'm just curious to see if an adequate gameplay loop can be applied to Superman. I honestly don't know how you would handle the invincibility and huge assortment of powers. Do you depower him? Make up some story so he can behave more like a video game character? I don't know, there must be more creative ideas than that.

gangsta_red871d ago

He has just as many weapons as any other video game protagonist we played so far.

Superman is not invulnerable to the point where nothing hurts him. Enemies of high strength, alien and advanced tech and magic hurts Superman. It's the same way Kratos or Dante take exaggerated beatings but keep going.

You can also treat Superman's powers as any other type of multiple weapons that you get in all video games. Heat Vision, Cold breath, hot and cold weapons, super hearing can be represented as a HUD mini map that shows locations that need saving, super speed can represent parrying and dodging that results in a time slow down for a counter attack.

There's no need to power down Superman, that would be like playing Wolverine with one claw and getting extra claws as you advance throughout the levels.

I think a lot of devs are over thinking Superman and not steeping up and making a game that has potential to be a great game. Especially if someone could add that Crackdown destruction tech.

UltraNova871d ago

Lets wait for Crackdown to be released then start clapping...+ its goint to be a multiplatform game so I doubt any dev would pay MS for Azures compute for all potential platforms and then write code for it. lets be real.

We've grown up watching Sups level everything around him when he was fighting the bad guys, in a sense that's what we interpret as his true power to be fair its the only way we could quantify his strength/abilities. How on earth will we accept a video game where everything is nearly indestructible or laughably limited when Sups fights say Doomsday?

Its paramount they get destruction and his powers right. This is the exact same reason I cant play DB games, because I grew up watching Goku destroy mountains and even planets to win and I got taken by his immense power, something these games lack, a way to convey their characters abilities.

If they are to make a superman game they need to have Man of Steel -levels of destructibility. End of story.

CorndogBurglar871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

But as far as enemies, aside from bosses, what can you possibly have him fighting that would be enough to harm him?

Are all of the grunt type enemies going to be using magic or be as strong as him? There's definitely a big issue with making a fully powered Superman in a video game. You can't make him fight an army of enemies that are his same power level or using magic. If you do then things start to go in the other direction. Meaning, Superman would get slaughtered by the general enemies in the level simply due to their numbers if nothing else.

And the Kryptonite thing is overused and cliche at this point. Just saying that all enemies are infused with Kryptonite or something is a weak explanation and has been done to death. Even Injustice did something similar just so it made sense for someone like Joker to be able to harm Superman.

Basically what I'm saying is I don't want another game where Superman is handicapped just so it makes sense to be able to lose. It needs to be a genuine threat that is new and original.

Believe me, I want a great Superman game, but it isn't as easy to make as people claim. If will take some serious creativity.

They also need to get the scope of his powers correct. I'm talking about being able to fly into orbit and back to earth seamlessly. Or being strong enough to lift entire sky scrapers or pull planets out of their orbit.

These are things that are not easy to do.

Goldby871d ago

@Gangsta. awesome post and thoughts on a superman game.

if it went any other route, it would have to be like Megaton: Rainfall. when you are a super human flying super hero (2x the super so you know it's legit;))

and instead of having a health bar yourself, the city has the health bar. all of a sudden you have so much different ways to represent health, DoT.

big hits could be doomsday destroying a financial building or a school. small bleed effect could be a convenience store robbery

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Whymii870d ago

I've been scarred for life by superman games. I can still smell superman 64....peeeuuuuuuwwwe!!!

XxNxWxOxX871d ago

As long as it is better than the N64 Superman D:

rlow1871d ago

It would be interesting to see what they came up with, but I would hope they would do it on VR. Now that could be awesome as long as it's done well. I also would agree that every superman game ever attempted suck. That's why I think a fresh start on VR would be the way to go with him.

JakeNoseIt871d ago

VR super speed and flight sounds kinda scary though, haha. I like the idea of heat vision filling your headset up with blinding red light

Segata870d ago

That would be gimmicky as hell and would hurt peoples eyes.

Goldby871d ago

Megaton: Rainfall. Look it up;)

Kallisti871d ago

They should just remaster Superman 64

Jyndal871d ago

I always thought the Superman Returns game had it right with Metropolis having a life bar rather than Superman. They could easily incorporate something like that.

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