Jolt Preview: Time Hollow

Jolt reports:

''Just when you think you've seen every form of time manipulation gameplay possible – Braid offering several good examples by itself – along comes a new one. Time Hollow is a point-and-click adventure game for the DS, with the exceptional twist that instead of investigating and solving puzzles in the present, you do so by alternating between the present and the past.

In the game, which was written and designed by Junko Kawana (Shadow of Memories), you play a boy named Horo Tokio (or Ethan Kairos, if you're in North America). On his 17th birthday, Horo wakes up to discover that his parents disappeared 12 years ago, which is news to him. It soon becomes apparent that someone or something is trying to rewrite history, and would probably get away with it were it not for the fact that you soon discovers a Hollow Pen – a device for creating portals to the past.

Unfortunately the Hollow Pen doesn't quite give you carte blanche to go around changing history – in fact, make too many mistakes in trying to set the timeline right and it'll be game over. Much in the manner of the Phoenix Wright games, you have to investigate clues, interrogate characters and only then 'form a conclusion', or in other words work out what needs to be changed, where and when. The Hollow Pen allows you to focus on the history of specific objects and characters and then go back and change things.''

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