LittleBigPlanet: Make A Music Level If You Want!

In LittleBigPlanet You Can Even Make A Musical Level If You Wanted!

Fishy Fingers5773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

Alex from MM spoke of the "speaker" you could place into your level and add different sounds to each. But I'm pretty sure this is the first time of it shown in action. Is this footage taken from the closed beta? As it's youtube? (which normally I wouldnt approve but this is new)

I imagine it's a rather tiresome process to accessible, but with 4 of you, you should be able to knock something up in no time ;)

TheHater5773d ago

it from Gamespot. you can notice their logo in the bottom right of the video

TheHater5773d ago

Is there anything you can't do in this game?

Fishy Fingers5773d ago

Liquid... Which they'll patch in later ;)

mattkelly19915773d ago

I have an idea on how to add liquid. Just make a bunch of tiny tiny circles with the weight and buoyancy of water. That's water.

Relcom5773d ago

this is sooooooooooooo old

Fishy Fingers5773d ago

Really? I must had missed it. Ok I'll remove my approval I guess.

IzKyD13315773d ago

yeah, the video was posted over a month ago (but Im not 100% it was posted here)

Lucreto5773d ago

I hope we can add our own music into the level when we create them. I want to have say the Final Fantasy battle music playing in the background of a level I create.

pilotpistolpete5773d ago

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but you cannot upload a level with custom music due to copyright infringement. I don't know about local games, hopefully yes.

EastCoastSB5773d ago

No, you can't upload your own music unfortunately.

InMyOpinion5773d ago (Edited 5773d ago )

Wow! Some of you guys approve anything as long as it's PS3 related. The editing and quality of this post is really bad. Even with 5 reports you let it slide.

Seems like the moderators left N4G a long time ago.

The music level looks really cool btw. This title has Mario potential. By that I mean one of those games that EVERYONE will want to play.