Portal is Cheaper!

GameXtract writes "I'm a proud valve owner ever since Half-Life, and I continue to be dedicated to their service at least until the release of left 4 dead which is sure to real in new gamers into the valve fan base. Today I was happy to browse steam, and found out that Portal has a price cut!"

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gamekiller3727d ago

Just bought it downloading it now, I didnt get the valve pack? because I already had hl1 and 2 ect and was not prepared to pay £15.00 for this game even though it has rave reviews.

ChampIDC3727d ago

Yeah, I'm going to buy it this weekend too. I was holding off, because I already had HL2 and Episode 1, so I just borrowed my friend's 360 version to play this. Now, I have a better reason to finally buy it.