Is the Single-Player First Person Shooter an Endangered Species?

What does the future hold for one of gaming's defining genres?

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Perjoss1607d ago

Not a chance, the great reception of the Doom campaign proves that gamers still really want this kind of thing. Shadow Warrior 2 is coming soon too and that also looks fantastic.

badz1491607d ago

It was the CoD craze last gen that really have killed the FPS genre in general in terms of SP campaign. Since MW2, devs were making SP campaigns just for the sake of it and sold their games solely based on MP! Activision had it good with CoD but now CoD campaigns are all going to the drain! EA has it great with BFBC series but in the end left it for crappy campaigns in BF3, BF4 and Hardline and ultimately strip it out altogether with SWBF!

Other devs are just not there anymore. Nowadays, it's either huge publisher or indie and barely anything in between which is kinda sad! 343i had the chance to make it good with Halo 5 but the campaign was terrible and uninspired.

So yeah...MAYBE, good SP FPS is indeed endangered.

trywizardo1607d ago

It might become true,after all we just play the campaign that costs millions to make just one or two times,and play MP for hundreds of hours,I love the campaigns but eventually studios might just get rid of them ...

Austin481607d ago

Umm if that ever happened I'm done gaming screw that crap.

CorndogBurglar1607d ago

If the reception of Wolfenstein and Doom have taught us anything its that people still enjoy and want good single player FPS games.