What killed Fire Emblem: Fates multiplayer?

From a broken reward system to outright cheating, here's a look at the numerous flaws that have turned the once-promising Fire Emblem: Fates multiplayer scene into a ghost town.

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Why 'Fire Emblem Fates' Use of Multiple Routes Exceeds That of 'Three Houses'

Fire Emblem Fates and Fire Emblem: Three Houses both contain multiple routes that change the outcome of the story, but the 3DS games far outperform the most recent Fire Emblem game in regard to routes. classes, and difficulty levels.

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5 Great In-Universe Video Game Songs

KeenGamer: "What are some in-universe video game songs that your favorite player characters jam to? Here's a list of songs that build up the emotion and energy in their games. A concert, a street performance, a song on the radio… There’s something magical about diegetic music!"

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Playing More Fire Emblem: A Guide for Three Houses Newbies

With Three Houses' DLC wrapping up this week, it's time for Fire Emblem newcomers to explore the rest of the franchise! Here's what to know.

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