Gears of War 2 not coming to PC

In an IGN interview with Cliff Bleszinski, it was revealed by Cliff that Gears of War 2 would not be coming to the PC. The point of interest came up in a question about Gears 2's "Linked Achievements" and the Achievement portability with an account from Games for Windows Live.
When prompted about a PC version of Gears 2, Cliff spilled the beans: "Gears of War is a great franchise first and foremost for Xbox 360, and therefore we're focusing on that platform for Gears of War 2. We've decided we're not going to do a PC version this time around."

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Rick Astley5656d ago

Hey that's what they said about Gears of War and look what happened.

Fishy Fingers5656d ago (Edited 5656d ago )

Exactly, in this day and age you can't trust them when it comes to claims like these.

Still I'll pick it up for the 360 and if a year later it surfaces on the PC and I enjoyed it enough first time round I'll pick up for both. Thats what happened with Gears 1.

Hentai5656d ago

It's not coming out to PC this year.

switch-it5656d ago

They have to say it isnt comming out for PC at this point. If they did it might hurt sales a little bit, because some people would wait for the PC version instead of the X360.

PimpHandStrong5656d ago

he is full of sh!t

this time next year you will see a PC version!

Proxy5656d ago

Games are developed on PC, and then (I wouldn't say ported) fitted to the console. Especially in the 360's case. When they're ready for some easy money next year they'll make a few small adjustments and release the game on PC. When something is so easy, and has the potential to be profitable, why wouldn't they?

Utalkin2me5656d ago

Actually, that it is not what they said. They never said there wouldnt be a PC version sorry.

Calvin_ISA5655d ago

You can't prove it won't happen. 'Nuff said.

TheMART5655d ago (Edited 5655d ago )

And you can't proof that it WILL happen.

Nuff said

Really. This wouldn't be so strange. Actually this could be a strategy thought out by Microsoft. Just check this:

1. Epic already announced that the Unreal Engine 4 will only be on consoles because of bad sales on the PC.
2. UT3 sold shiat on the PC compared to the console sales. Pirates are mainly on the PC
3. Gears of War played better on the 360, it sold somewhere around 6 mln copies on the 360. On the PC it sold how many exactly?
4. Microsofts strategy: get PC gamers hyped about Gears of War 1, the group that normally wouldn't buy a console also. They're hooked on the game, want to play Gears of War 2. Oooopppssss only on 360, now they will buy a 360 and Gears 2.

They get extra sales on hardware and software.

@ Proxy

Also an answer to your question: Microsoft could have negotiated that in the deal for the 360. So even if Epic would want it (read above why they won't), Microsoft could have written this out as a strategy

zag5655d ago

lol, PC gamers with a $2,000 to $5,000+ rushing out to pick up a half arsed 360 that breaks down when ever the going gets too hot.

I never played gears of war but I've tried some of the pure 360 games ported to the PC and they are pretty crap ports, poor GFX, slow running games/programs then very limited in how it works compared to a pure PC game.

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gaffyh5656d ago

Total BULL spewing from his mouth, there WILL be a PC version, they just want people to buy the 360 one, and then they'll release it on PC with extra content so you have to buy it again....no need to lie about it Cliff.

IzKyD13315656d ago

exactly, they said there wouldnt be a PC version of Gears 1 and look what happened there

TheMART5655d ago

Have you thought about the fact for one moment...

That they wanted to lure gamers to Gears 1 on the PC, got them mad about playing Gears 2 on their PC and suddenly... They can only play it on the 360?

Exactly. Massive sales for the 360 + Gears 2.

pp5656d ago

Well driods you hear that if you want to play the best shooter in the world you driods will have to get a xbox360 Hahahahahhahaha

Fishy Fingers5656d ago

"best shooter in the world"

No such thing, only best shooter in the World in my opinion. For me CS:S is the greatest FPS due to it's highly competitive nature. Now I'm not wrong because thats my opinion and I can only speak for myself.

"in my opinion" is something you really need to come to terms with.

LarVanian5656d ago

I don't think so. Resistance 2 is exclusive to PS3, it won't be on Xbox PleaseFixMe.

juuken5656d ago

..With action figures?


If you want a shooter with an engaging storyline, you'll have to save those pennies for a PS3.

Resistance 2 is that game.

Pain5656d ago (Edited 5656d ago )

If this game like all game for windows was on PC it would REALLY show the Xbox 2's Lack luster ability.

hello its 2008/9 PC gamer's dont want 2005 games.

And M$ Pay off confirmed.

and best Shooter in the world is WARHAWK. JUMP PACKS FTFW. u play your 5v5 pay to play ..ill Play 16v16 Free insane combat .lag free to boot.

snoopgg5656d ago

like pp, then get a ps3 and resistance 2 and killzone 2. I think yur better off with the second option. I know I will be doing that. Who wants to play against or with a arse like pp anyhow?

TheMART5655d ago (Edited 5655d ago )

Gears 1:


9.4 out of 10


Resistance 1: 8.7 out of 10

R2 looks bad in graphics, like Resistance 1.5.

One must be mad choosing R2 over Gears 2. Oh wait, Sony fans are about quantity over quality. I get it.

@ Juuken

I bet you're a fat girl crying yourself to sleep every night. Save your pennies for some more food. It'll give you more comfort then the PS3. Oh and if you have some money left, buy a Wii. It would do you good.

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M337ING5656d ago

Unless I'm mistaken, Metacritic and Gamerankings agree that Half-life 2 is the best shooter in the world.

spoon5656d ago (Edited 5656d ago )

I dont lyk FPS games but i lyk games lyk resident eveil 4

and this is one of the Third person games i want on ps3.

but still wont buy it . hahah . i justwant it to laf at the 360 fanboys

TheMART5655d ago

Spoon = Fork

Fork had multiple accounts like Fork_the_finalaccount4

They all got banned, he is illegal on N4G. So this one will get banned also.

Bye bye Fork with your analfabetic way of writing.

byeGollum5656d ago

what if they really aint making a pc version this time .. what will you do ? jump off a cliff ? Get. It. LOL!

Ozzyb5656d ago

Jump ON a Cliff! Ba dum tish!