PalGN: XBLA Schizoid Review

Xbox Live has enough highs and lows to rival the moods of a sufferer of uncontrolled bipolar disorder. Nothing a little gaming lithium wouldn't fix, but unfortunately there seems to be no one around to prescribe, what with Dr. Mario being holed up trying to work out how to fix the situation with his own console's download service.

So the citizens of Xbox Live have now taken to self diagnosing. Schizoid being the first attempt. The title, named after a psychological condition, has all the potential to become a great game, but due to poor treatment by its developers, and with no decent help out there, it seems destined to be left untreated and crippled by its issues. Average mental health analogy's aside, Schizoid never really hits the highs that many recent Arcade titles have.

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thereapersson3791d ago

I first saw this in Game Informer a while back and thought "Wow, that game sounds cool". It's a shame that it didn't work out like I had hoped it would...