The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 5/31/2016

Posted by Sid Shuman on May 29, 2016 // Senior Manager, Social Media, SIEA
The Drop

Hi everybody! I’m swapping in for our old pal Ryan Clements for the next few weeks. There are some stellar games launching this week, including the highly regarded adventure game Oxenfree, voice-controlled strategy game There Came an Echo, and even a new PS2 classic you can play on your PS4. Not too shabby! Have a great weekend, everybody.

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Thatguy-3101947d ago

Still waiting for ape escape 2 =/

huwaxakitu1946d ago

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VsAssassin1946d ago

I played this game way, way back and loved it. I'd say Jen and Scree's tandem was spot on. The story was engaging and the set pieces were intriguing too. You guys should give this a try!

robtion1946d ago

Awesome setting. Great game. Graphics were way ahead back on ps2.

Kurdishcurse1946d ago

Goddaym is the ps3s technical architecture that bad? Can i just have my goddaym demons souls remake now? No?....ok...sadface

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