Capcom's Monster Hunter on Life Support

Dash Bomber writes, "I’ve started noticing a trend in certain video games recently. Developers appear to believe that if you release a multiplayer online game they will maintain an extremely high player base if they release tiny bits of DLC throughout the following months of release. While this can be a noble goal in the case of certain games in which this DLC is free such as Monster Hunter, or Splatoon; in other cases such as the one with Evolve (which the entire game with DLC (aka season pass) costs about 150+ USD) it works as a way of milking the players of their hard-earned money (or parental units money’s). I fear that in the misguided attempts at extending the life cycle they are completely missing the fact that gamers are usually a fickle group."

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HexxedAvenger1737d ago

I can't help but think this is Capcom's own doing. As much as I love it on the 3DS maybe it's time to release it on other consoles. And if you are going to do an mmo, release it in the west. 2 perfectly good mmos that doesn't look like they want to localize. This is one of my favorite games. >.< I really don't want to see it buried.

DashTheBomber1737d ago

You could be onto something Avenger, but it's also the fact that games do lose exponential amounts of fans after the first few months, if they released everything at once at least the fanatics could enjoy everything the game has to offer before that new car smell wears out.

Stealth20k1737d ago

Capcom's one good move was to make MH 3DS exclusive, took sales globally to another level and they remain there.

gokuking1737d ago

Total sales of the games have plateaued. Portable 3rd is still the best selling release in the franchise globally, and that's despite it only seeing release in Japan.

Stealth20k1736d ago

"Portable 3rd is still the best selling release " By not that much, the difference is sales might be slightly less. but the series is popular in the US now which is even more important

superchiller1737d ago

It's on life support because of Capcom's terrible decision to make it exclusive for the 3DS and Wii U. They have only themselves to blame for the decline and fall of the franchise.

Kalebninja1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

i dont understand how its on life support, the games still sell millions. The most recent one sold close to 3 million and it hasn't even released in the west, life support my ass.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1737d ago

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sold 4 million to be exact.

DashTheBomber1737d ago

Life support has nothing to do with sales, if you read the article it's more in regards to how they try to artificially extend it's life by releasing time gated content. It doesn't have to do anything with the popularity of the series, but rather how interest is lost over time in a specific title from the series.

DarkOcelet1737d ago

How is it on Life support when the last game sold over 3 million copies?

styferion1737d ago

decline? lol the last game set a record for the franchise, and there are still so much people playing the last game right now, just one month before the new game release

please.. if you don't know jack about the actual situation don't act like a know-it-all

PurpHerbison1737d ago

I think Capcom realizes that if they went to another console, they would have to make a new engine. You can only reuse and upscale the PS2 engine so much. They already make a fortune from putting in minimal effort into the handheld Monster Hunters, why would they ever stray away from that?

3-4-51737d ago

Well 3DS has sold very well in US & Japan so there is a huge install base for it...........more so than the PS4...makes sense to make it for the 3DS.

Concertoine1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

What's the alternative? The vita has good loyalty in Japan but no where near 3DS levels. The PS4 has been out two years in Japan but still hasn't passed the Wii U. It probably wouldn't sell much better on the PS4 than Wii U, and it would cost a LOT more to make either than a 3DS game.

hduce1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

When does superchiller ever have time to play games? This dude is in every article spreading his message of hate. I can tell he didn't read the article either. He saw another chance to take a few shots at Nintendo. He also trolls the Microsoft articles as well. I'm starting to think something is missing in his life. Maybe you should try dating or a dating simulator.

Fin_The_Human1737d ago

Capcom has been making some crappy decisions lately... With SFV exclusive and Dead Raising exclusive.

Can't wait till Capcom files for bankruptcy.

Segata1736d ago

Dead Rising and SF as exclusives is because Capcom can't afford to develop them on their own because of all the previous stupid decisions by them.

jcnba281737d ago

Still butt hurt over MH moving to Nintendo I see?

The games sells millions on 3DS, it was never on life support.

Get back in your stable.

Segata1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Because it would have sold so much better on Vita right? As of this post their is more 3DS systems than PS4 and Vita combined.

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MeteorPanda1737d ago

um... monster hunter 4 ultimate has a very active online community even now.

l read the article. it goes on about fucking fps and evolve. Capcoms monster hunter is as unkillable as WoW is here in the west. Click bait about essentially the first sentance in that paragraph...

theFAYEsorceress1737d ago

it could be a much better and bigger game if they gave it better treatment. you can't deny they're settling just because they can at this point.

MeteorPanda1737d ago

oh yeah ofc. l'm annoyed they're staying in their comfort zone and ignoring the wests preference for console editions. also being lazy af with their graphics, looks like psp after a decade, l know graphics isnt everything but c'mon, push yourselves. Also never localizing spin offs so we probably wont see that cute monster hunter tamer game either

and not going on vita when it'd be amazing on that handheld also breaks my heart

PurpHerbison1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I swear Monster Hunter is almost PURE profit. There really hasn't been any effort put into a Monster Hunter game since the first one released on PS2. Speaking of PS2, they have been using that same engine for over a DECADE. Minimal effort, max profit every single time. I have MH4U, and I'll be getting MHGen. I am part of the problem.

Fist4achin1737d ago

It's another case of Capcom pulling dick moves. I'm to the point of not wanting to support them anymore with my wallet. They chose the exclusive route for the Monster Hunter series, they let the Resident Evil series turn to crap, i can't remember if they have had any new IP in the last 10 years,... I wonder how they maintain any sort of significance in today's gamer market.

DarkOcelet1737d ago

Lost Planet was a new ip btw.

Fist4achin1737d ago

That's true and I did enjoy the first one. I don't know if it was really popular though. I also know the MH series was huge in Japan. It would have been nice to see it on other platforms than just Nintendo. I think it would have had a larger niche of the gamer community.

robothouserock1737d ago

Lost planet came out almost ten years ago.

Darkfist1737d ago

I really loved Lost Planet 2, too bad capcom killed the franchise with LP3.

Mikefizzled1737d ago

Asura's Wrath, Dark Void, Dead Rising is 10 this year, Dragons Dogma, Remember Me. Internally and externally, It's not that they've not tried. They're probably not considering anything else new until they finally get Deep Down out the door.

Segata1736d ago

Play EX Troopers. It's what became of Mega Man Legends 3. Spinoff of LP and more arcade like and cel shaded. For PS3 and 3DS and VERY easy to play without knowing Japanese.

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DarkOcelet1737d ago

That is Capcom's dumbest mistake. They need to make a Monster Hunter game for Current Gen Consoles. It would be insane.

HexxedAvenger1737d ago

they have a monster hunter MMO that looks amazing but they dont want to localize. then again I don't think its capcom that made it.

Movefasta19931737d ago

no more mmo bruh I want a Monster Hunter FIVE.

ShaunCameron1737d ago

Yet that exclusive route turned in a profit for them.

gokuking1737d ago

Their last new attempt at a major console IP was Gaist Crusher on 3DS. It was a major failure and never left Japan.

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Enigma_20991737d ago

Does that sound like a game that's on life support to you?

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