Doom Brilliantly Ridicules Modern Shooters

After 12 years, the new Doom has dropped, and it’s already on many lists for Game of the Year just on the strengths of its single-player content alone. True, the Snapmap feature is novel enough and the online multiplayer is as logically constructed as the biology of a platypus, but the crown jewel is its handling of a story mode in a genre that focuses too much on chasing and emulating Hollywood. Not only does id Software reject these modern trends, their campaign plays as a satire of modern shooters.

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OoglyBoogly2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

This article is a little out there. Doom, while good, wasn't some grandstand revolutionary thing. It was basically Doom 1 & 2 with a graphics upgrade and different weapon modes. I'd like to know why people are trying to make this game out to be something it isn't. Why they're trying to make it seem a lot better than it actually was. Of the two others that I know who played it, one a strong id fan and the other who is such a fan that he even goes to QuakeCon every year, both of them admitted that the game dragged on in the end. I agree.

So yeah, it was a good game and the fast paced action was a nice return to the series but it's far from some game changer. Games were doing this 20 years ago in the form of all the id games that were already out among others.

annoyedgamer2979d ago

Considering how both Halo and COD have strayed form their roots and neither work properly anymore I would say DOOM is schooling them.

OoglyBoogly2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

But both Halo and CoD are no longer being made by the same people that make the great originals to begin with so it's not really a "fair" comparison.

Regardless, my point is that Doom is a good game and was made well. It's just not some revolutionary thing like people around these parts are making it out to be. A 9 or 10 it certainly is not, especially considering everyone I know found the ~10 hour campaign to even get repetitive.

iTechHeads2979d ago

COD and Halo work just fine.
Check your internet connection.

Razputin2979d ago

DOOM Multiplayer is a f uck fest of Halo and CoD in one. And those games are still played by millions.

IDK why Doom is ridiculing any other shooter when its trying to be a mashup of all of them. I'm not saying this is a bad thing either, but this article is dumb as hell.

TwoForce2979d ago

Yeah, i choose Doom over these two.

Movefasta19932979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Halo 5's mp strayed from its roots?Here we go again, people actling like they know what they are talking about.

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bobtheimpaler2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Yes. Doom doesn't do anything revolutionary per se. But while other FPS games are trying to ram some stupid story down your throat simply to check off a box because even though you just kill everything on screen, the game supposedly is about something.

Doom just delivers awesome gameplay, level design and replayability that many modern shooters just can't touch.

Doom knows precisely what it is. It isn't ashamed of it. That means it's very focused and in an industry where we get a lot of AAA games that attempt to be a Jack of all Trades, Master of None; Doom is incredibly refreshing.

The game doesn't waste time forcing some convoluted/ derivative narrative down your throat, forcing you to walk slowly or trigger some scripted event or AI in any room you walk into to hide the fact that you have no choice and that you're just running down a corridor. The level design and gameplay mechanics are in place that just let's you be part of that awesome action. It just comes down to skill. That level of player agency is what makes doom brilliant and sets it above a lot of FPS games that just hold your hand, especially the ones that come off the assembly line each year from the other publishers.

Doom and Wolfenstein has set the benchmark for FPS game design this gen.

Gets my vote for game of the year.

cluclap2979d ago

While I do agree with what you are saying you have to understand that is the nature of Doom. Its not a cinematic enough experience to play it for long stretches of time. The game will literally burn you out. You kind of have to play it as an arcade game. Pick it up here and there. Sometimes honestly i found it felt like it dragged because they tried to throw soooo much stuff at you especially towards the end and my thumbs were literally fatigued. That being said Doom is one of the most videogame-ish videogames Ive played in a long time and made me feel like a kid in playground becaus I didnt go into it focusing on story, plot, graphics or character development or anything in an age where lack of depth in those areas could get it panned by reviews no matter how fun the gameplay is or the smooth the mechanics are. The simple fact you are even able to enjoy it with the most basic of properties of a videogame and still have your mind blown with literally the same story and mechanics that have been rehashed for nearly 25 years is incredible and alone warrants at least a nod for GOTY

OoglyBoogly2979d ago

I know what Doom is. I was playing it before most people on this site were probably born. I know what it's about. I know what it sets to accomplish. I get it.

Still, it's not a game changer. It doesn't do anything new. It does get repetitive. It's not one of the best games ever.

Again, it's solid. I'm looking forward to Doom 2. But, again, it's not something special and articles like this just sensationalize the game. Wolfenstein I felt, for what it was, is much better.

bobtheimpaler2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Not to knock narratives in games, but none of them have been unique. I can read and I do admire cinema and what it does and can do as an artistic medium. So if I want something that I'm not getting in games, I'm happy seeking it elsewhere. I just don't think games as a form of art or entertainment medium have to limit themselves and be beholden to movie standards because reasons. Art shouldn't seek validation and it's why I find it funny when someone asks what spielberg or scorsese thinks of games. If they have no understanding of it, or do not wish to understand it on it's own terms then who cares what they think.

I don't agree with what you say. I can and do play DOOM for long stretches of time because it is fun and well made. The shooting, platforming, the level of skill required for encounters on harder difficulties. No other game provides that sense of quality fun. Other games can provide better narratives, but often at the detriment of gameplay and fun. Doom doesn't hold your hand. That's what I and many others who've been playing FPS games for a long time love about it. Other FPS games would benefit from following some of it's design decisions rather than trying to think of the next outrages scripted event they can show off in their trailers.

Wyld-Woo2979d ago

I've not played a doom game since I was a kid. This game has provided me with one of the best gaming experiences in years.

uneasiest2979d ago

I'm glad that everyone is enjoying the article.

ReesesPuffs2979d ago

You appear to have started a shitshow haha. Great article by the way.

savotosel2979d ago

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Kallisti2979d ago

my classmate's mother-in-law told me you're full of shit

onisama2979d ago

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Yui_Suzumiya2979d ago

Doom fan since the original and absolutely loved this one. Best FPS since Wolfenstein: The New Order :3

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