Kid Chameleon Masks Abilities on Sega Genesis

Carl Williams writes, "Sega throughout the 16-Bit era, and many would argue the 8-Bit era too, was constantly trying to find a mascot. They did this by throwing just about every game that was well put together and had a cool hook to it out to gamers. The problem with this method of mascot hunting was, not many of those cool games got a sequel as Sega was already onto the next game. Kid Chameleon was one of those sequel-less titles we saw on the Sega Genesis. It also has a birthday today."

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MultiConsoleGamer2968d ago

This is still one of my all time favorite Sega Genesis games.

NewZealander2967d ago

Loved this game, would totally play it again!

ILostMyMind2967d ago

This is something that would be worth a remaster/remake.


Switch Retro Spotlight: Kid Chameleon

“There are many iconic platformers yet Kid Chameleon is rarely discussed so allow me to shine the spotlight on this retro treasure.” - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums.

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Top 3 Massively Underrated Sega Genesis Games

While you often hear about games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, and Gunstar Heroes, there are plenty of underrated Sega Genesis games that deserve their time in the spotlight.

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Relientk771606d ago

Comix Zone is amazing and it sucks we never got a sequel or more of it.

lifeisgamesok1606d ago

Comix Zone, Streets of Rage 2 and Golden Axe were some of my favorites on the Genesis

P_Bomb1606d ago

Loved me some Golden Axe. They got the better version of Strider too.

lifeisgamesok1606d ago

@P_Bomb Golden Axe was so underrated. I regret not playing Strider back in the day

Knightofelemia1606d ago

Ristar should be thrown on that list

isarai1606d ago

Beyond Oasis, really wish Sega would revive that ip

N1GHT_W0LF_X1606d ago

"Top 10 Sega Genesis games that get no love!!"

Proceeds to name 3 games that are included in almost every Genesis collection/compilation.

CosmicTurtle1606d ago

It says Top three (now). But it is an underwhelming list regardless of quantitative quibbles.

Tross1606d ago

True. The real underrated classics would not have made it onto those collections and I'm sure there are many. That Taz game I rented once comes to mind.

lifeisgamesok1606d ago

I wonder if anyone besides me ever played the platformer Boogerman

Rebel_Scum1606d ago

Nah man you're the only one out how 7.53 billion people. Buy a lotto ticket.

lifeisgamesok1606d ago

I meant anyone on the forum but thanks lol

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DBPG: Kid Chameleon Review (Sega Genesis)

One of the most fondly remembered games of the 16 bit generation, Kid Chameleon screams 90's. The main character looks like a 90's version of Fonzie, there is attitude for days, and the neon colors and designs will take you back in time. You take on the role of Kid Chameleon as you try to save the prisoners of the worlds most popular video game, as the evil Heady Metal has trapped the players. The main gimmick is simple, you take on over 15 different powers that transforms your character to help you through the massive 103 levels in this game. With a repetitive presentation and overly slippery controls, this game can feel more like a marathon than a sprint. It is one that people seem to really love though, so we decided to take a look.

Please click the link below to our page to see our score breakdown as well as our full video review.

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