Why Xbox 360 Was Better Than The PS3

Microsoft’s introduction of the Xbox 360 was a nod to the past, and future of gaming. Ushering in the age of the social gamer, by giving us a way to play together, communicate with one another, and the world at large. Seamless play with an interface that made the future we were gaming in comfortable. Not one game on the PS3 could not have been made for the Xbox 360. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most complete monster of a title eclipsing all games in terms of overall technical mastery. I find it infinitely hard to believe that the Xbox 360 would have had a hard time with a game like Uncharted 3. For God’s sake it’s a single player game, that isn’t even open world. It's an achievement for the PS3, but the comparisons don't hold water without any exclusive game on another platform. So yes, it sounds good to say exclusives are the benchmark. It is also a lie, because it's a proclamation made in a vacuum. We can’t gloss over the most necessary of reasons why the PS3 was a shamble of a console, and survived more on the PS brand than its own merit.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

It was for at least two an a half years until the PS3 stepped it up with MGS4, Little Big Planet, R&C future 2 and Resistance 2 in 2008, and etc. That's when the PS3 started to catch up and evening the odds game-wise.

''The Xbox 360 saw more than just Halo, Forza, and Gears. For instance in 2012 alone the Xbox 360 saw 20 exclusives for the console that offered more variety than the PS3. Here’s a link for your OWN research. The problem with you fake gamers is you think no one can’t sort you guys out''

That's cute. Here's 20 Exclusives for PS3 in 2013

And you know who ended on top...

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AngelicIceDiamond1971d ago

@Bash not in 2008 it wasn't until after 2010 it went down hill. 11, 12, 13 it had nothing but the same Gears, Halo and Forza, 2010 they had Splinter Cell: Conviction, Ninety Nine Nights 2 (a flop sadly) Crackdown 2, Fable 3, Halo Reach. 2010 was a good year, and sadly that was the last good year.

1970d ago
Shubhendu_Singh1970d ago

Xbox 360 VS PS3 articles ?
What year is this ?

Silly gameAr1970d ago

Part of the MS PR campaign.

Retroman1970d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

"Why Xbox 360 Was Better Than The PS3"

Really?? we back at this again??
this goes to show this site repeat articles.

in other news:
my chilli Dog was better than your baloney sandwich.

XanderZane1969d ago

2016 and fanboys still arguing over the same crap and ignoring all the facts. Nothing new.

freshslicepizza1970d ago

i agree somewhat. the xbox 360 was a much better platform in the beginning because sony was too comfortable after the huge success of the ps2. the online wasn't that great and things like playstation home was hilariously bad. it took about 3 years before the ps3 started to become a great game console and that is when microsoft also become complacent. focusing too much on kinect and relying on the same ip's. they started off strong with new ip's but about 4 years in the xbox 360 was starting to lag behind the ps3 in games.

as for who ended up on top? who cares when you need to factor in japan and other regions that really don't benefit the north american gamer. if japan wants to continue to snub its nose at the xbox that's their problem. it's not like microsoft didn't try with new studios like mistwalker and getting games from sqaure enix. i think the only semi success stories were ninja gaiden, doa beach volleyball, blue dragon and lost odyssey. other than that japan has proven time and again to be xenophobic when it comes to gaming.

notachance1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

not exactly xenophobic, lost odyssey and tales of vesperia exclusivity was proof of japan's willingness. I still remember the early 360 library was full of interesting title and indeed it prompted me to buy one, but in the end install base and profit are the reason 3rd party exclusivity kinda lagging at the end of 360 lifespan, just like how it will be with XB1 now if they don't change things.

Not to mention the fanbase blaming-ish attitude that quickly dissed any game that chose to not release their game on XB1 as 'game they don't need' instead of looking back and rationally think of the reasons, even the 'highly praised' fable legends was quickly dismissed as soon as it's cancelled.

rainslacker1970d ago

Japanese devs had plenty of support for Xbox. They just westernized their games for it after the first couple years. They had support for it, but it was the users who pretty much snubbed the Japanese style games, which is why those games don't come to Xbox anymore. If there were money to be made off Xbox from the Otaku fan base, they'd not hold back. Unfortunately, for MS, the Otaku gamers go for PS or Nintendo, and actually buy games that they want.

XanderZane1969d ago

I think one of the main reason's Japan developers started to make games the XBox 360 wasn't just because it launched first or got a larger user base early, but because the PS3 was such a beast to figure out how to develope on. The 360 was easy to learn and develop for quickly. It was taking many months (even years) for many Japan developers to grasp the PS3 software tools and technology. Also the 360 wasn't selling as bad as the original XBox in Japan. It did sell 1.6 million units, which is the most for any American produced game console.

Saranya1970d ago

XB360 was amazing until 2008, when Don Mattrick came to MS and dump down Xbox brand.

XanderZane1969d ago

It did fine up until 2011 and M$ decided to stop making any new exclusive Xbox 360 IP's.

Petebloodyonion1970d ago

introducing thieving DLC/subscriptions,...

Heuh you aware that Sony was the 1st company to introduce pay DLC with Wip3out on the PSP right?
Also I don't recalled Microsoft charging for online passes on their own published games compare to Sony who was among the 1st to charge for that.

Kribwalker1970d ago

Please share with me official non Vgchartz data that states the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360. Because officially, by the last officially released numbers the Xbox 360 hit 80million before the PS3 by a month, then the 360 hit 84+million in June 2014, and in July the ps4,PS3 and vita hit 100mil combined, when the ps4 hit 10mil a couple weeks later and the vita had a minimum 7mil in sales.

Thanks, I anxiously await your response

notachance1969d ago

if anyone is out there searching for the official data I also want to request the faulty console number for both, possibly with detail how many numbers actually sold and how many were replacements.

rainslacker1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I might have been willing to read the article if the description didn't include the comment that the PS3 was in shambles. I know it had some heavy criticism, mostly on price, but I never felt that it did anything wrong. It played the games I brought for it, and there were plenty of games to play on it. Might not have had 20 exclusives on launch, but I was never left wanting.

I understand people like features, and what it can add to a console,but am I the only person left that just cares that a console has games I want on it in abundance regardless of what features it has? PS3 and PS4 could just boot up like the PS2, and start a disc, and so long as it had the games, I'd be perfectly content.

Is rather amusing to be called a fake gamer by the author who appears to prefers features over games for comparing two consoles.

Condemnedman1970d ago

damage control Sony fans go full meltdown
I owned both systems and the ps3 got the occasional look in with some exclusives but the hours I put into the 360 left the ps3 for dust. the ps3 wasn't for me but a least I got a blu ray player out of it.

Master of Unlocking1970d ago

You're a troll. The PS3 constantly outshone the xbox360 ever since it was released in 2006 all the way to now, as the PS3 still has some games coming out for it, when the xbox360 has been dead in the water for what seems to be foreverer now. The best new IPs the previous gen were all made for the PS3 (Motorstorm, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Demon's Souls...), the PS3 was the system that kept pushing the envelope technically (Wipeout HD, MAG, Killzone 2 & 3, God of War III...), had the most original IPs (Siren Blood Curse, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Heavy Rain, Flower, Journey, The Unfinished Swan...), had the best games in superior versions (GTA V graphically superior on the PS3, Unreal Tournament III, Batman AA, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter x Tekken...), the best apps (Internet Browser, Home, Vidzone, Music Unlimited), was the most advanced system all around (HDMI in all SKUs right from the start, HDD you could easily replace, built-in High Definition film player...), and just all around the more power and, incidentally, the most fun games. You also didn't have to fork out money to play online (thanks to the million of pigeons who did pay on the xbox360, when the service was already paid for with all the advertisement on the dashboard you muppets agreed to cope with, that set unfortunately a precedent and inspired Sony to take a page off M$'s book) and had dedicated servers on the PS3.
In just about any regard the PS3 plain and simply destroyed the xbox 360, and you know that, and Microsoft know that, that they simply couldn't keep the fight going on with Sony for too long, which is why they had to move on and release the xbox one early on with a view to trying to be on the market alone for a whole year like 10 years ago. Alas, you just don't teach an old monkey how to pull off grimaces and this time Sony didn't have the manufacturing problems like back then, and also didn't try to behave like dictators to gamers unlike M$... the rest is history.

LackTrue4K1969d ago

💯% true! When metal gear solid 4 dropped I traded in my Xbox360 for a PS3. Nothing against the 360, really love/miss gears of War. But after that never went back.
Around that same time all that talk about the red ring of death was hitting online/internet.

Hopefully they make an XboxOne's slim with a price drop. Will jump on that for some Gears of war 4 action!

notachance1969d ago

Don't mind the article, it's a complete fanboy trash. If he's a truly legit writer he would've made his argument while still paying respect to the competition, but not this trash, he can only blindly talk crap about the competition.

If he's even remotely smart he would've realize there's no way PS3 can go toe-to-toe with XB360 with only blind loyalty from it's customers, but no, he's absurdly blind in his rage that he believed that everyone who prefers PS3 are fake gamers..

seriously making me laugh that there exist someone so intent on fighting the console war he made an entire website with full-on article, based on ignorance hahahaha.

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P_Bomb1971d ago

A cry for help if ever I've seen one

Rookie_Monster1971d ago

The #1 reason for me. X360 games could be made BC in this current generation. PS3 games, no.

Glad I made the right choice of buying the majority of third party games last gen on X360.

Rimeskeem1971d ago

Cool, glad I bought a PS3 so I could play all the exclusives besides Halo, Gears, and Forza

Utalkin2me1970d ago


Same. Glad i bought a console that the failure rate was under 50%, didn't have to worry about my machine going out on me. Glad i bought a console that was pushing boundaries of new tech. Such as having Blu-Ray, HDMI, WiFi, Free Online play, Larger storage, Rechargeable Controllers. Shame one started paid DLC and Paid online, while everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. And it's pretty much across the board now. Glad i purchased the one that didn't pretty much pull support of exclusive games in the last 3 years, to focus on next gen.

2pacalypsenow1971d ago

So you bought an Xbox 360 because somehow you knew Xbox one would allow you to play a few Xbox 360 games?

Rookie_Monster1971d ago

Yes. I also knew the PS4 would not be BC compatible with PS3 games and Sony would remastered and ask us to pay for those games again on PS4, so I traded my PS3 in for store credits to purchase my PS4.

You can call me Rookiedamus. :)

TFJWM1970d ago

@Rookie_Monster Perhaps I am missing something. If you knew that the Xbox One would play 360 games wouldn't it have made more sense to sell your 360 and keep the PS3?

LP-Eleven1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Avoid this battle. With this user, any chance he gets to play down Sony, he takes it (and then pretends to be a "big Sony supporter"). Rinse and repeat. Then again, this is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most ridiculous post I've seen from him to date (thank the loss of bubbles for that). So, I guess he's breaking new ground, now.

OT: The 360 was the better console for me until June 12, 2008, when MGS4 released and changed everything. From there, it was one massive ride for PS3!

Godmars2901970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

He brain...

Utalkin2me1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


So its awful not to give BC to your next console. But starting paid online, paid dlc, 50%+ failure rate, pulling exclusive support the last 3 years. Is some how ok....SMH

But by your logic, being you could keep playing your 360 games on Xbox1. Wouldn't it have been smarter to sell 360 and keep PS3?

Liqu1d1970d ago

Is that what he said? I read it as "X360 was the best best because MS made it, XB1 is the best because MS made it. I love Phil."

ziggurcat1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


well, it's pretty obvious why he sold his alleged PS3 instead of his X360 - so he can come here to complain about how there's no BC on PS4 to be able to play all of the PS3 games he has (which, oddly enough, he didn't sell (edit)along with his PS3(/edit) if he knew PS4 wouldn't have PS3 BC), and also to complain about sony charging us again for games we already own (which he has done here, already).

and yeah, it makes absolutely no sense to keep the X360 if you know there's going to be BC on xbox one.

donthate1970d ago


I do love Phil!!! 0_o

rainslacker1970d ago

Cookie logic. When the chips fall...all you get is crumbs. That's how Rookie's brain works. All that's left is crumbs.

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Aenea1970d ago

Wow, such nonsense! So the x360 was better than the ps3 because the X1 has BC?

XanderZane1969d ago

I didn't think it had anything to do with the XB1 actually. Thought it was more about games, features and excellent online service.

Deadpooled1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Really? go get another RRoD 360 to inflate the '80 million' sales figures

XanderZane1969d ago

You do realize that the XBox 360 Slims can't RROD right? lol!! There's nothing on the 360 Slim that will ever show a RROD light error. They stopped making the older Xbox 360's after the 360 Slim was released.

johndoe112111970d ago

Of all the idiotic comments I have seen in your comment history, this one has to be king. I think you take pride in coming across as a microsoft shill. Comments like these make me think that you're really a sony supporter out to make xbox fans look like complete morons.

Wallstreet371970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


Im glad u supported the awesome feature called rrod lol u know the one in which over 50% of consoles failed, gamers lost money and microsoft didnt acknowledge it until taken to court lol u slave lol

Then microsoft got slayed with games like UC2 lol which gamers envied lol haha

BossBattle1970d ago

Well PS4 owners could just rebuy PS3 games in PSnow

trooper_1970d ago

You make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

IamTylerDurden11970d ago

Glad i bought a ps3 so i could actually watch movies in 1080p. How did hd dvd work out?

So you are playing ugly last gen games rather than Bloodborne, R&C, The Witness, U4, Witcher, Alienation, Salt n Sanctuary, Firewatch, infamous, DC, Arkham Knight, Forza, Halo, Soma ect?

JackBNimble1970d ago

I hope you can atleast understand why ps3 games are not bc on the ps4.
I am sure next gen (atleast I hope) ps5 will remain x86 architecture and ps4 games should be bc on ps5.
It would have been nice to see ps3 bc to ps4 , but it's not and I ain't gonna sweat it. After all I still have my old consoles but I bought my ps4 for new games not last gen games .

rainslacker1970d ago

Yeah, I could see what that would be an obvious consideration last gen given how MS had terrible BC last gen, and Sony started with it, and maintained PS1 BC throughout the gen. Your reasons are obviously sound for console choice last gen if BC for the next gen was a consideration...especially since BC didn't even come around until almost 18 months after release.

Retroman1970d ago

You would think gamers is hip to saying 360 by now sheesh. leave the damn X out.

Stereotypical_gamer1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

You must have used your psychic powers to find a 360 that didn't fail in the first two years of its miserable existence too, huh?

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ninsigma1971d ago

It really opened up the potentials of online gaming on consoles. I'd say it was best at the beginning when it was getting 3rd party exclusive support with mass effect and bioshock etc but once those games moved to playstation as well coupled with playstations better games (according to me), the ps3 pushed ahead and became the better games console.

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DogJosha1970d ago

Xbox 360 only unlocked the potential for us to pay for online. PS3's online did everything online needs to do. XBL could have been hacked just like PSN. Also XBL brought us the worst feature in my opinion. From my experience, lobby chat has dropped to abysmal levels thanks to party chat. Yay you can chat with your friends rather than actually being part of the game you are playing...

PutridPlop1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

A DDoS attack isn't hacking. XBL has never been hacked and taken down for a lengthy period of time unlike PSN, also, wonder why Uncharted 4 multiplayer doesn't have dedicated servers? Because PSN's outdated flimsy infrastructure can't handle it!

DogJosha1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

That was the point of saying "could have". People use that outage as an excuse to say XBL is better. The simple fact is that it could have been any company. XBL could have been hacked, then it would be PS fanboys claiming to have the superior service for irrelevant reasons. Cyber security is a big issue every company faces, and no company is 100% protected from.

Also, PSN can and has had dedicated servers for games. Dedicated servers cost money, and most companies have no interest in paying that cost. Companies will even lie about using dedicated servers, and this is on PSN and XBL.

garrettbobbyferguson1970d ago

The third party timed exclusivity was complete bullshit at that point in time. Still is of course, but back then it felt much worse. I guess now we have stupid exclusivity games such as Street Fighter V or whatever iteration we're on now.

2pacalypsenow1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I enjoyed the Xbox 360 more because its where I had the best times Playing Gears Of War and COD 4 with my friends since we all had them and since I couldn't find any Ps3 in stock I got a 360 first man how I miss the blades GUI.

ninsigma1970d ago

Can't beat those gaming moments with friends! Also ditto on the blades. That was a nice UI.