Joystiq : New Disgaea platformer coming to PSP

Andrew Yoon writes "A new 2D platformer starring everyone's favorite penguin pals from Disgaea has just been revealed. Very little is known about the game, but the initial screenshots look quite promising; look at the quality of these sprites! More info about Prinny: Is it Okay if I'm the Main Character? will undoubtedly come when its official website launches in September."

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theusedfake3754d ago

sweet, dude. prinny are awesome lol

disgaea 3 has turned me into a pretty big
disgaea fan, so i'll be getting this :)

Rick Astley3754d ago

I've always been a huge Disgaea fan. Been playing Disgaea 3 for 3 days now and I've gotta say it's already my favorite in the series. Almaz rocks and Mao is just freakin' hilarious.

UltimateIdiot9113754d ago

I loved Disgaea 1. My favorite character is Flonne. I'm still waiting for RosenQueen to ship my Disgaea 3. =[

lodossrage3754d ago

The critics must be out of their minds.

There is a boat load of things coming out for the psp.

TheColbertinator3754d ago

Upcoming games

Super Star Dust HD,LocoRoco 2,Star Wars:Force Unleashed,Star Ocean 1 and 2,Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday,Resistance:Retributio n,Disgaea platformer,Phantasy Star Portable,and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

Looks good so far.

lodossrage3754d ago

Final Fantasy Dissidia and GT portable

TheColbertinator3754d ago

Nice.I almost forgot.

Bubble +1

ZeroBlitz3754d ago

And you missed one of the biggest games coming out on the system soon: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. The sudden influx of great games (plus Agito announcement) are the reason I finally got around to picking the PSP up. Playing Disgaea: AoD right now, getting D3 soon. ^^

TheColbertinator3754d ago

I can't believe I forgot that one too.I'm getting old :(

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[email protected]3754d ago

Ohhhh, where's master Mao or Larhawl dood? I like the idea dood' ^__^
Tossing my prinnies on Disgaea 3 is awesome dood'

Too much dood on my head to count... dood?


gano3754d ago

Some people do it very well.

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